The types of research that I have learnt in today’s lesson was Primary, secondary, background, audience, quantities and qualitative research methods. I have to explain what each type of different types of research and what each type of research means, (i.e. what do I have to do for my research to be primary, secondary, etc.)

Unit 2 2.1

Primary research – is based on the research that I do my self this could be related to asking people what they think of the subject at hand.

Secondary research – is when I get my information from other worldly sources for example; TV, Radio, newspaper, books, social media, Internet, etc.

Background research – is when I would research the background of the subject I would like to have an understanding about and how it came to be, this may include things like the creators, when it was created and even why it was created.

Audience research – This research will be based on what the audience thinks on whatever the subject you wish to gather information on. A good example of this is the audience for games, industries will ask a handful of people that will be given the chance to test out the Beta for the game and then the audience will be given a questionnaire to fill out. The answers given will be the companies research that will help them finish the game and/or for how for next time to make it better.

Quantitative research – is where you take a whole lot of information and then you tally up an amount of questions that are related and they are the exact same as other answers and they will be calculated to make an overall tally at the end of you research.

Qualitative research – is where I would ask the providers of the research about the subject at hand, in the case of the lesson if I went down to the store and asked them about the mobile phone that I am inquiring in buying.

Research that was conducted in today’s session

Today we had to research on mobile phones, seeing which one was the best to buy because of what we as a group though was the best key feature when having a phone, so we used some phone websites to find out the right ones for us, seeing which ones were the best for their value (Vodaphone, O2). I did not use any comparison websites but if I did use any comparison sites good ones to use would be: Go compare and

I did use provider’s websites such as: Vodaphone and Tesco mobile, to find out the information about the mobiles that I would like to buy.

When I was looking for what phones are the best and what they provide I found some criticism that was on the negative side of things and some that was good, I also asked some of my fellow class mates about the phones to find out what they think of the phones by their experiences with the product. Personally some of the reviews that were given did throw me off in buying some of the products because they said things like the batteries are bad and the connection isn’t good and that the amount of megapixels that are within the camera.

Unit 2 2.2Did you remember?

I was asked to compose a research session based around one of my favourite childhood programmes.

Personally my favourite was The Simpsons, The Simpsons was created December 17th 1989 and it was created by Matt Groening it initially started on April 19th 1987. The very first series got to the top 30 ratings in a season (1989-90) from then they have had 574 episodes and 26 seasons. My favourite character is Homer because of his funny yet witty attitude, he always seems to make me laugh because of the things he does and the things he says

Did you know: “Despite his youthful looks, Ned Flanders is actually 60 years old”


“The episode ‘Angry Dad’ features a comic/cartoon drawn by Bart. However, none of the show’s animators could make their drawings look like they were created by a child, so one of them got their son to do them.”

Jordan Turner – “ It is one of the best  Cartoon series that I have ever watched, they always brings me back for more by always making me laugh at any unexpected time and I can’t get enough of it, my favourite character is Bart because he’s always mischievous but he always seems to get away with it.”

To gather the information that gathered I used the mainly my already known knowledge as I am a huge fan and I know a fair bit about the whole series myself. I did however use social media i.e. Facebook to ask my friends what they personally think about the episodes and the whole Series of The Simpsons. They game me their thoughts about what they think about it.

To find out some interesting facts that I did not know by my own knowledge I used the internet to find out some good ones that me and my friends didn’t know about (link to page is found below).

Here are some images of some of my most favourite episodes and characters Deep_Space_Homersimpsons


This is where I found these images: