3D modelling

3D modelling is a process within many different media’s and the way they use it in different and similar ways to one another. It is a process that uses mathematical representations that created a 3D (three dimensional) surface of an object. These can be anything from the creation of prehistoric animals to buildings of the future these can be used in every type of media.

There are different types of media’s such as:

  • Movies – animated movies, CGI, SIFI
  • TV shows – Cartoons, Mythical or nonfiction shows
  • Games – All new generation games (64bit)
  • 3D printing – Creating images that show what will be create and what it will look like when it is completed
  • Adverts – logos and mascots (special FX)
  • Educational purposes – Reconstructions of deceased/extinct animals

Movies – 3D modelling is used in all of these media’s it is used in films that have things that aren’t accessible in real life, examples of this is: futuristic buildings that are in the place of modern day builds or things that aren’t real an example of this is on Eragon then used 3D modelling to create the dragon in which the main character rides.

It is used to create most special effects within movies because some of the effects that happen within movies cannot be created in the real world so the use of 3D modelling has to be used in order to get the effects needed for production.

The use of 3D imagery has changed an awful lot through the production of films, this is because of the amount of processing power and the amount of technology that is used for films has expanded greatly. In star wars IV they used 3D animation to create some of the scenes that are in the moving when the star fighters are flying out of space and when the storm troopers/rebels are using their guns to shoot lasers they used 3D modeling to create these objects


Movies have come far since the 1977 Starwars IV fro just 3D modeling a few of there objects and scenes, they have developed thither and this has allowed movies to become more 3D animated and a lot more things have been able to be done. An example of this is the new avengers movie where they use 3D modeling to create nearly everything within the movie because many if not everything that they wanted to do had to involve 3D modeling.

many of the visual effects (i.e. smoke, fire and destroyed buildings) were all 3D molded even all of the buildings were and many of the characters and villeins that were shown were 3D molded.


TV shows – It is also added in many TV shows, a Prime example of this is cartoons they use 3D modelling for the whole story bored, to create the characters, backgrounds and all of the props that are in it and it is also used in some other TV programmes such as Game of thrones they have to use 3D models of all of the character to when there is a scene that is either unable to be performed by a human actor/actress or if they get killed in an inhuman way then their bodies will be replaced by a 3D model to allow such things as dismemberment. 3D modelling is used in TV programmes so that actions that cannot be done for real can be done/created through 3D modelling.

Games – 3D modelling is a huge factor when creating games it is the base of all that you see within a game from the falling building in battlefield 4 to the smallest piece of ash on Avatar. It is a lot different to what is used within movies because everything that the 3D modeler creates has to be able to be seen by the player at every angle possible.

Most games have also improved because of 3D modeling this is because there are more Pixels within each segment of each character and/or the background, the more Pixels there are within each part the more in depth and detailed each segment, gives the image a more realistic look.


some games do give a false use of 3D they either increase the size of the sprites hat are on the screen so it gives the illusion of 3D and some games give a different type of 3D look by giving you a viewpoint from above the game which makes everything look like the game is 3D.

3D printer – 3D modelling is used in 3D printing to create images that show you an image that is of the object that you are going to create through 3D printing, you will get a 360 image of the item that you’re going to get from the printer.

Adverts – 3D modelling is used within adverts to create messages, animations and mascots. When you see an advert that includes its logo and it has a little animation to go with it that is the 3D model, the reason why they used this instead of creating the props that will cost to create and time to make them. It will also take a lot of time to do some of the motions and the textures that can be portrayed through 3D modelling.

Educational – 3D modelling can be used for educational purposes, it can be to create reconstructions of animals and objects that are long deceased or that have been destroyed over time. It is used to create an accurate representation of what it would really like if they was like when they was alive or fixed if it was a building.

They can also use it to create many simulations of disasters, such as earthquakes and landforms (ocean trenches) and they can test of what the effects of such things will be on the environment. This will give a accurate image to what would happen in each of these disasters, where as before they only had a few ways in finding out what they would look like and our knowledge was quite limited when it came to seeing what will happen with these disasters.

The use of 3D helps confirm and warn us about what will happen with these disasters, how they will happen (Signs of what will happen before hand) and what the outcome of these disasters would be.

Reconstruction of a landscape

I was given an image that I had to reconstruct with the basic shapes that I think world help when grey boxing to create the buildings, I drew the outlines of the various shapes that I thought would be able to create them as a 3D model.


After doing this I created this was by grey boxing the landscape to make it as close to this image as possible.

This is where i got my images from:

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