How is sound used in different media?

Sound is used in many different types of media, these are: Television, games, movies, radio and the internet. Sound is portrayed within these different types of media in many similar if not exactly the same uses as the others.

The different uses of sound in these Medias are: Vocals, Foley (Sounds that are created by other objects), Ambience, Sound effects and music. Without sound within such media like Games and Movies would change the overall experience and it will give you a different view and mood on the movie or game and some people find it much harder to concentrate when watching or playing them.

This is however different when you are listening to the radio, the whole experience of radio is entirely revolved around sound because they have no imagery to go with the sounds, music and commentary. This can also be seen as a good thing because it gives ‘The Viewer’ the chance to imagine what they want when hearing so sounds ant the music. This gives you a whole new feeling and experience when listening to something on the radio; for example, a radio drama to a TV Drama.

What is the meaning of sound?

Sound plays an important part in all of these types of Medias radio mainly because without sound there would be no radio, the need for sound does get progressively less throughout the different types of media. It is 50% of the gaming experience, this is because games are created without sound so sound is very key to have when creating games, if we did however take out the sound from games it is harder to tell what the emotions, mood and/or the feeling of the character and the situation is within the part of a game or movie.


In film sound can help you identify when an important piece of information might be on the movie, this will be indicated by a sudden mute of the ambience and any background music that might be playing at the time, this will allow just the actor/ actresses voice to be heard at the specific time, this prevents any interference with sounds when hearing it.

The music in the background will possibly give you a sense of the emotional state at any specific moment at hand; for example, when something dramatic happens there is usually a low, quiet tempo song that will be played and if there is a scene of action there will be a fast temp song that will be played to give you the feel that something is going intense will be happening or is already happening.

As you can see in this example that I have used they use the different types of sounds (FX, music, dialogue, ambiance) they used them to make the moment intense up to the point where the sound gets cut out to reveal a vital part of the story. The difference between film and games is that everything in a film will always be set in the same place no matter how many times you watch it, it will always be the same. Where as in a game everything will be set to the players actions every time you play the game the sounds will be put in a different sequence because it will always act on the motions that you do within the game.


Games use sound as similar base as movies do, the do it to give emotions to the viewers, in this case players. The creators apply the correct music, sound effects and ambience to give the player the best experience that they can get from the game. A god example of this is within a horror gave the use of sound is usually sounds that are eerie and give the audience a chilling feeling when treading in dark and spooky places and they normally leave everyone on the edge of with seats whenever the slightest sound is made.

They have a great use of ambience and sound effects that will give you the best and scariest experience that you can get from the game. This is different to movies because everything in a movie everything is going to always be in the same place every time you watch it so you can get used to it every time that you watch the movie and when you play a game that is simply not the option, every time you play a game the sounds and music will be different every time, they are self-influenced by human interaction.

However, they do use the same sort of methods to get the best reaction of the players as if they were watching a movie. The use of sound in a game will have more of an effect on the players because they are more interactive when playing in the case if you was watching it would be a totally different experience.

They also use digital sounds more extensively to indicate something the as just happened, i.e. you have just unlocked something or activated something or even a warning message because your life has diminished passed the critical level. Old games have different levels and uses of sound in their production in older games they couldn’t have a huge amount of sounds piled on top of one another, this is because of the amount of processing power of the old computers that couldn’t handle a huge amount of sounds on top of each other.

Games when created have no sound, so all of the sound must be manually added this gives the games more of a meaning and it gives the player a better understanding of what is going on. This is however different to movies who are given sound when they are created because of a recorder picks up the sound from the start, but some sounds will be added as the final creation is made.