The work that I did in today’s session was to create a net made from paper that was used to create a 3D box, this box was a real life recreation of the 3D computer box that I created earlier today. All of this is primary research because I created it off my own knowledge and I experimented with what I did in order to get the final product of this box.

Before all of the creation of this box i first had to do some research on objects that are within games that can or are created by the use of boxes, after I found a box that is within a game I then want on to 3Ds max to create one of my own that was based off of my research.

I started with the initial creation by making a standard box and then slowly editing the size so that it can be the correct size to what it would be if it was a real life object, after the scale of the object was to the proper size, I then added textures and made it as close to the original object as possible.

After creating the moddle I then drew on to paper the out lines of my box that I created on the computer and I made it as accurate as I could  make it as a realistic scale. After drawing the outlines of the box (Net) to nearly the exact measurements to my 3D model, I then added tabs on specific sides of the boxes and rectangles so that they can be folded and stuck together with ease and they will act as a link between the two or more sides.

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To make the box look more realist and more like the one that I created on the computer I added textures and details to render the image to be as accurate and as similar as I could to my 3D computer generated model.After all of the textures were added I then attempted to glue it together but this didn’t work, as I glued one part the tension and other pulling forces pulled the two pieces apart again so I then moved on to tape which did keep them together and that allowed me to finish to rest of the box.

When it was created I did find a few flaws to do with my work i found out that the size of the boxes were off so not all of the edges fit according to plan, next time i will make sure that the lines line up specifically and that when I cut it, it’s exactly align.

3D model

The box that I created was based off of the 3D model that I created previously, it took a little time to create the 3D model and I had to do a few things in order for it to work. I had to first find game play footage on games that had box shaped objects that I could easily reconstruct into my own work, I found a wooden beam that we in the game Medal of honor and I tough that it would be an easier start to creating the 3D models.

I gathered the textures of the object that I though look as close to the object as possible, I then unwrapped the object and then I put it into Photoshop to apply the texture. After I did this I simply applied the texture to the object and this is the outcome that I received. h

Next time I will choose an object that has more textures and detail than this one so I have more of a challenge when I am creating the objects texture rather than simple textures like this one.