Testing the different variations in sound

Today we tested the effects of sound of a various amount of substances (Water and oil) and we could see the different effects on them both because the viscosity of them both are different from one another giving a different result. we had two speakers that had protective cover on top of them to prevent and damage to the equipment, and this would also give us the effect that we was looking for.

What did we do?

We was asked to bring in two very different types of music these could either both be from video games or from music videos or one from another, but they had to be different in sound in order to hopefully give off a whole new result to the other song that we had chosen. throughout the experiment I noticed a pattern with the water and oil as the different songs were played through the speakers.

We was testing the amount of vibrations that each sound game off according to the song that was playing at the time, as was expected the more variation of high and low frequencies made a very rapid and violent motion to the water and the oil. However, if had a song that had that had a level amount of frequencies (all very similar either all high or all low frequencies) it didn’t give off such a violent effect as the ones that had a huge variation of frequencies. All of this was primary research because we conducted the experiment ourselves.

What did I learn?

throughout the experiments I discovered that the different varieties of songs had different reactions according to the style and the differences in frequencies the song has, this determined hot violent or how calm the water and the oil reacted to each song. we found that most songs that were up beat with a lot of base seemed to make the water react more harshly to the songs that had higher frequency or level frequencies.

What was the effect?

The effects of the experiment varied a lot, from just having ripples along the edge of the water and oil to having a complete ‘explosions’ of water as the songs were played, this was down to the Dynamic range of frequencies that were in the song.

I have learn that the more the Dynamic range of sounds that are in one song determines the effect that is given off to water and oil, the greater the more violent the reaction.