Today we first touched on what and how sound is used within media mostly within games and then we discussed the different styles of music, this could be jazz, Rock, country, pop, funk, ect.

I was then asked to gather research about 5 different games and one of my choice, we had to find out what the moods where and other information about the games and how they made me feel. the games that we had to look at were Red Dead Redemption, Flower, Tetris, Fifa 15, Skyrim and Until Dawn.

I worked in a group of 5 and the people in our group was Luke, Daniel, Darren, Xavier and me. We all worked together to gather the information for each of these games we all collaborated to find out the information about each game, we all chose a game and did the background research on it then we shared it between one another before adapting it to our writing style.

Red Dead Redemption – This is an open world game (Music matches the feel of the game) songs such as old western music and slow echoing whistles. When something intense happens the song changes to a more upbeat and intense song and when something dramatic happens it tends to get low tempo and volume. ( These songs were composed by Bill Elm & Woody Jackson)

Flower – This game is where you take hold of a petal that is whispes across a landscape with wind and you travel along a field to gather other petals. As you play through the game the music tends to change when you enter different environments, an example of this is when you go into a dark area the sound tends to get more eerie and spooky and when you start to win and you get into a light and “Healthy” environment the songs gets more lively and happy to that of the music that was all grim and spooky.

Slow Paced music that was created by Vincent Diamanted (Found:

Tetris – Is a very past game and it has a very happy and cheerful sound track that plays on a constant loop. Tetris is a game that was originally a Russian game, it is an Arcade game that involves multiple different coloured blocks that have to be put into chronological order before then reach the other blocks (They will lock if they touch the other blocks) and the goal is to clear the blocks by completing a complete row of blocks until the desired score is set.

The audience isn’t really based on a desired target this game is generally based on anyone and everyone. the sound does however change when the game gets harder and it changes the tempo of the song making it more of an intense experience.

Fifa 15 – Fifa 15 is a football based game that is supposed be the same as the real life football its supposed to put you in the exact place as if you was a football player, the players are intelligent and authentic. The use of music in this game is to immerse you in the whole experience, it does this by having upbeat music that fits the game at play.

The audience is teenagers and young adults who generally like to watch the real sport on TV

Skyrim – Skyrim is a medieval fighting style of adventure, your this character that travels across this open world area and does all sorts of quests and adventures. the audience is teenagers who are looking for the adventurous games.

The use of music in the game is really “epic” and it is intense to the fact that is fully immerses you in the moment, as the game gets to a fight with the main character it will change to a highly intense song that will really immerse you in the gaming experience.

Until Dawn –

This game is a survival horror that involves 8 character that have to survive an entire night whilst being hunted by a windigo who is going to kill the characters and you have to make all of the decisions and try to keep all of them alive or as much as you can throughout the game.

“Gripped by fear and with tensions in the group running high, you’ll be forced to make snap decisions that could mean life, or death, for everyone involved.”


They use a slow eerie tempo songs that give a chilling effect to the audience.


Throughout this session I found out the differences of music within different genera’s of games and how they change to the either difficulty, scenery, a change of mood (starting a battle, a normal journey or scary) within the game and how important this is to the players experience, and how they can tell when something is happening weather it be good or bad.