In this lesson we was given a piece of paper which we then had to listen to different types of music that varied in style, they all had a different feel to them and we then had to draw to whatever came to mind when we listened to the music and then we compared then with each other.

The meaning of this task is to see the different effects different types of music has on an individual and the rest of the class, we are doing this so we can see the different reaction various types of music has on people when they are drawing and how this in turn changed the way they draw.

Bag pips – When this song played it gave me a sense of action, like I was ready for action and war, the drawing that I did this was a continues line that didn’t stop and it was curved and spiralled as the song changed and got more upbeat and energetic.

Sons of the Saints – This song when played made me feel partially angry and a little frightened because of the tempo and depth it sounded rather angry and that reflected on the drawing that I drew to this, it was rather dark and eerie and the lines were rather hard.

Madame butterfly – This was a Classical song, this made me feel rather humble and calm. Throughout this song I drew a rather elegant and in depth drawing of a human face.

Head hunters – This was a rave song and it made me feel rather upbeat and as it was played it made me want to draw rather vivid and sharp lines that were drawn and created bigger and longer as the song got a higher tempo.

Pink Floyd – This song was a slow paced rock song as it was played it seemed to make me calm and relaxed as it was played. My drawings were intricate patterns and spirals.

Sonic Speed of sound – This was a really fast pace song and it made me really energetic and as i was drawing I drew rather quick and you could say rusted at some points because of the really fast tempo in the song.


Throughout this task I could see that the different types of music did have an effect on the way that I was drawing and I found this rather interesting because as the song tended to get more upbeat I used more violent and sharp shapes and lines and as the song mellowed out I saw that the level of sharp corners went down to a more continues flow of waves as squiggles.

I also found it rather enjoyable because of the variation of skills and motion I did as I was drawing to the songs, this has inspired me to try this out myself when drawing drafts or creating characters, because listening to different types of music will change the way that I draw so the design of my character will change due to the song as well.