The different ways that sound is portraid in games

At the start of this lesson we was given 4 different games to look at each of them have a different use of sound within them, the first game was 3D monster maze this game didn’t have a lot of sound that was playing in it, it was mostly just a silent game a times that was mainly based for its background music and sound FX there was no narrative within the game play.

This game doesn’t use – like most games – music to be played in the  background whilst you play the game they only use sounds from the characters and the surrounding areas, it is enterlay text related so you get all of the ’emotions’ from reading the text. This is unlike some of the other games that we had to research, for example: Journey and Flower, these games have sound within them and their music is normally tranquil and calming music and it changes as you play through the game and as the mood changes (Location) so does the music along with your actions as you play.

How sound is used to create meaning and atmosphere?

In this trailer they have a wide variation of sounds that they use to create an atmosphere and meaning, they use a small town’s ambience when the cinematic starts because it is based within London in the mid 1800’s, the use of this gives you the feel that it is in fact 1868 because of the level of sound isn’t as great as it would be if you was in a modern day town or city. However the sounds of the people isn’t 100% clear this is because they have a background track that does with the theme of the trailer.

They use sounds of objects moving through the air in slow motion when something either important is happening or in this case there is a fight going on and it only slows down the parts where the action comes in to give it a more dramatic feel this is also accompanied with a whooshing sound that is created by Sound FX.

When something important the music subsides and gets quieter, the reason why they have done this is so the viewer can hear what he is going to say because it is important to the story line so making the sound become quiet or completely go gives off a better atmosphere for the ‘Intense’ and meaningful part.

What sound techniques have been used?

Within this trailer they use many different techniques of sounds throughout this cinematic trailer the one that they use the most is Foley the reason why they use Foley more than any other is because many if not all of the sounds that are in the game trailer cannot be properly created by real materials because the sound cannot be picked un as well as it is needed.

They also use music that is a Diegetic song that is played in relation to the visual footage that you are given in the Cinematic trailer, the song was very fitting to the trailer because it was dramatic, energetic and it gives you the sense adventure and battle.

How sound relates to the cinematic trailer? Does it fit its purpose? (If not what will you change and why?)

The music that was put with the cinematic trailer fit perfectly with everything that was going on within the trailer. The song had the right amount of dramatic, war themed, intense motions in it which fit very well with what was going on it the trailer. At certain parts of the song the music does get extremely dramatic and to fully relate with the song they slowed down what’s happening and they make sharp and precise movements.