That session that took place for the past tow days was to gather statistics from three very different games, these games are: FiveNightsAtFredies (FNAF), Harizon chase and Guitar hero. Through out the game play we had to identify how sound is either important or a distraction to the player and on the ability it give the player while they are playing the game. this can vary from from being rather lost without sound and a very big reduction on the score that they got or a complete increase on their points without music due to they thought that the music distracted them from what they was going on.

To devise a very accurate analysis on everyone in your group there as sound ground rules that were given to make sure that there was no advantage in any of the games which would change the outcome of the results in one test to the others.

 What happened for each of the games?

Guitar hero III- In guitar hero to make sure that all the results were relitively the same we made sure we all had the same song and the same difficulty (Easy – Slow ride), we had to play this song 3 times one with sound, then one without and then again with sound to see if any improvements or Declines in the results with and without music.

FNAF – There was no major precautions that we had to do to make this fair for anyone, the only thing that we had to do is allow the players to have full concentration at all times, even with no sound this will keep all of the results even and to all stay on the same night to keep the difficulty the same as everyone else. There was only two rounds one that we had to play with sound and the other without.

Harizon chase – With this game we had to make sure that we all played the tutorial to get use to the game and then play the first level in Los Angeles and the same car that is called ‘LEGEND’, we then had to do this level three times one with sound, then one without and then the last one with sound and then we should compare the results at the end of the three.

What research methods did we design/use to collect the data?

To gather the data and to make it justifiable and even throughout the whole analysis of data. We all agreed on key things to have one each of the games in order to gather the same valid information and we made sure that no one had an advantage when playing the game, for example; In Guitar Hero we all made sure that it was done on easy and we all played on the same song.

To gather valid data that could be put into a graph we decided mark down certain parts of information that will make sure it’s is easy to tell the difference of game performance between playing with sound and without sound and this is what we devised to gather this information:

Guitar Hero – For Guitar Hero we took the immediate note of of the percentage on of the amount of notes that were hit throughout the whole track, the maximum streak that was hit, the amount of times the player missed a note and of course the score that was given at the end. This made sure that all of the data could be put onto a graph.

Harizon chase- Harizon chase is a speed racer game. In this game we decided to record the time it took for the whole lap to be done, how many collisions the did throughout the lap and what position they finished it. Marking down all of these will help with the results that we get and they will help put them into a graph.

FNAF – FNAF is a horror point and click game. For FNAF we decided to record the time that the player dies, the amount of times the player clicks on the screen and the amount of times the player opens the cameras and then changes the camera screen these will help see what the difference between the game play with and without sound.

What did we discover? (Trends, Anomalies, etc.)

Whiles conducting this experiment I discovered a trend within my team as we was playing the games we found out that as we played through the games we notices this pattern that was, when we played a game with the sound – mainly whilst playing Guitar Hero III – there was a massive increase of points, streak and notes hit throughout the track when sound was involved and when the game was played without sound we found that it was much harder to get into the motion of the game.

This was relatively the same when we started to play Harizon chase, however while we was playing it more of us found it harder to concentrate and maintain the level of skill and concentration while the sound was playing, some of us agreed on that the music was somewhat ‘Distracting’ while we was playing the games and that it seemed to put us off of playing with a lot of concentration.

I personally think that it drew me away from trying to act with precise skills and try to get to the best that i could and the music made me want to just win and come first, this excluded most of the skill that i had when there was no sound.

Was the research methods valid? how can they be improved?

The methods the we used was were valid because now the information that was gathered from the experiments can be put into a tally chart or into a graph much easier than it would have been if we didn’t think of anything to get the information.

Next time to make my findings more valid and precise I could possibly ask more question or questions that are more easy to put into charts. I could also gather a bigger group to get more results then I had before and instead of having