In this session we were given a piece of paper and a drawing utensil (A pencil at first) we was given a set time of 10 minutes to draw the items that were presented in front of us with a pencil and we was asked to draw them in as much detail as we could as possible. After the time we then had to change to another piece of paper – this time it was a black piece of paper.


The first drawing was of items which were placed in the middle of the room in which I had to draw the details of  these in as much depth as I can in whatever drawing utensil I desired to draw with. In this case I chose a pencil to draw with.

We was given a piece of black paper and a piece of chalk, we was then told to draw the rough out side of the objects without drawing on the inside (Drawing the outline) and this then had to be sprayed to make sure that none of the chalk could have been rubbed off by our hands or anything else. The concept of doing this was to see how we could draw in different ways, this gave us a different view on how to draw without using lines as detail.


The final drawing that we did was to do was with black paper again, but this time we had to draw the outlines and the details of the boxes that were presented in front of us after we had drawn all three we then had to compare the different types of drawings that we did and explain what one we thought it was the best and why we though this was the best.



Doing these drawings was rather enjoyable to do, because of the different ways in which I experimented with drawing the same image I found it rather enjoyable, so I could test out different ways to draw.

We did this to try to portray the illusion of 3D, I accomplished this by adding angles that made pieces of the image look like it was getting smaller at parts, as well as this I added different levels of pressure to the paper to give the image depth to the eye.