In this session we have to give examples and comparisons on the different uses of foliage that are used within games and how they are compared with other games and on how they are related to real life foliage.

I’m going to identify how they use: textures, scale, form, colours, tone, lines, etc. I am going to do this so I can see how accurate they in game foliage is to real life foliage.the purpose of this task was to see the different levels of details of foliages in different games and how accurate they are to a real life tree.

A great example of where foliage is used very well in a game is Farcry 4. Farcry 4 is a game that has an extensive use of foliage and the creators that made the game were very dedicated in to making all of the slightest details within the foliage.


In this picture it shows how realist and how much detail has been put into the creation of these trees to give the best feel while playing the game because the amount of details within a game mostly helps the player have a more immersive experience with the game. As a comparison to real life this image shows that they are very similar to that of  a real life tree.


As you can see Farcry 3 has very similar characteristics to that of real life foliage, they have roughly the same textures as this real life tree, you can see the level of detail the creators have put into making this tree look really similar to that of a realistic tree.

In Assassins Creed 4 they also use foliage, as seen by this picture below they use foliage quite a lot as seen. They use many different shapes and textures when creating these objects (Shrubs/bushes and trees) like Farcry 4 they have the same textures, however as you can see in Farcry 4 has a far more advanced and more realistic look, to that of the Assassins creed 4 game play foliage.

Comparing assassins creed 4 to realistic trees they don’t have the most in-depth look as the other game has. This is a little down to the fact that the Assassin’s creed game it slightly older which does mean that it there is a higher resolution and there is more space which can enable the creators to create a more in-depth look.

maxresdefault (1)

The final game that I’m going to look at is Slender the Arrival this is a horror game that is set in the middle of nowhere so everything is meant to be dark and chilling, so this is expressed by showing dark colours (Brown, dark brown, slight black) which does give you the feel that it’s in the Autumn and at night because of the shadows.

Seen by this comparison to real life you can see there is far more details on a real life tree, the in-game tree this is because the use of good pristine textures and attention to details in this game aren’t entirely needed because it is mostly in the dark, so there isn’t really a huge need for using a lot of detail.


In game to make the foliage more realistic there needs to be sound added to the trees and grass when it is moved by the wind, if a game did not have this it will loose the level of immersion with the players while they are playing a game. It is important to add sound to moving foliage within games because it make the game more “realistic” to the player and mostly to their experience when playing the game.

We was asked to research some websites to find sound that can be used for moving foliage and i found this website called ( this website has a wide variety of sounds that can be used as moving foliage.

I decided to touch upon an older game too because there was less space that could be used for a game this would mean the style, texture and mostly the details of a tree and the other types of foliage will have to be dramatically reduced to that of games today.

As you can see from this image the textures and the triangulated leaves of the trees is really different to that of modern day games where there would be groves, distortions, and a different variation in the sizes and shapes of their leaves.



Throughout this task I found out that the detail of foliage has really changed throughout the years, from having not so many textures and constant shapes and sizes of the trees and other pieces of foliage to becoming very diverse and making every tree unique to every detail. Also that the level of details and texture of the foliage will change the players experience, by having more in depth textures and a variation of shapes makes the games seem more photo realistic to those that don’t have a lot of textures.