Reconstruction of a landscape

I was given an image that I had to reconstruct with the basic shapes that I think world help when grey boxing to create the buildings, I drew the outlines of the various shapes that I thought would be able to create them as a 3D model. we started to draw the outlines of the objects to give a brief idea of what type of shapes that I will need to create these buildings using grey boxing.


After doing this I created this was by grey boxing the landscape to make it as close to this image as possible. It was a little challenging to do this because of the different textures and the different depth and all of the other little features that I will need in order to create these models and this whole environment.


As you can see I have roughly scaled the shapes accordingly to the original image, these will be then thither add on to, to make them look as close as to the original as possible, then I will apply textures to make them to make them look like the bullrings.

They use this type of method of grey boxing in many movies to created buildings so if the building does get destroyed in the film then they can easily destroy it without causing any harm to the real thing.


I thought that this task went rather well seeing this is my first time in using the grey boxing method, it was a little difficult to do the scales of the buildings because I didn’t know how they should have been in the scale of the boxing.

It was a little difficult to position and size the boxes to the desired structure that I wanted. However, this could change the next time that I do this because I will have more experience with this which will make it easier to create accurately scaled models.