Creation of a tree

Today we was asked to create a 3D model of a tree, this didn’t take too long to get use to when creating the tree. I had no image to go off of I had to think of the idea all from memory and the i had to create it to my own concept of a tree for memory.  We have to first have to create the initial stump of the tree and the we had to create it to the desired shape that we wanted it to be.


After we did this we then changed the base of the stump to make it more tree like and to make sure that it look more like a tree because a tree doesn’t have a constant shaped log in the middle of the tree it tends to extend and expand at the bottom of the tree. I did play around with this by expanding and morphing the shapes and sizes of each face of the tree stump which will make it look better.


I then changed the different curves of the tree to give it a more organic feel to it and I made sure that all of the tree was at least changed to a different curve, this made sure that it had a very organic look and feel to it.


To give the edging of the tree by pointing off the end of the tree, I did this by clicking bevel and this allowed me to create a series of different segments that I can free form to become smaller and smaller as I add more and more segments, until it get either too small to add another segment or it gets to the required size that I want it to be at.


After creating the extended part of the tree I then detached it and duplicated it to create the other branches that will come off of the tree at different parts of the tree.eeee

I added the different parts of the top half of the tree to create the different branches that came off of the trees stump, I resized them and changed their angle and motion of them to vary the different sizes of the branches of the tree.

eeeeee eeeeeee

After the initial design of the tree I had to add the different textures, this was the leaves that were on the tree.


I have applied the textures to a symmetrical 2D block so I can apply the texture to the block and have the ability to use it continuously until i have created my tree and its leaves, copying and then using the same model again is so that it will always keep the exact same size as the others. However, this will make the tree look odd, so I decided to alter some of the shapes so they are bigger and some are smaller so they have different variations in size.  leaves

After applying the leaves to the tree this is the final piece that I had at the end of this project.tree

I added a texture to the tree to give it the bark based look to it which does make it look more realistic and it makes it look more organic. As you can see i have taken screen shots from various angles, but from the players perspective (Below the tree) it looks rather convincing to the eye that is is a realistic tree.

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