Uses of urban environment in gaming industries 

I am critically comparing the different gaming industries and how many workers they have, the length of time they have been in business and the amount of and the size of the company. I will then compare the amount of detail and depth that is put into creating these environments.

Rockstar – Roskstar is a big company that has been going for 17 years and they’re the creators of such games like the GTA games. These games tend to give the players the full concept of their environments by getting real and actual images of the environment that they are going to be including within their games. They tend to do this by using still images that they get form their environments and they make them to near perfect to what the real place looks like.

There are 900+ employees and 8 different studios that are placed throughout the world.

Dice – Dice is a company that has been going for over 20 years which is a little longer that Rockstar has been in operation. Dice are well known for their iconic Battlefield series and for their newest series if the starwars battlefront series. Dice also makes its characters and it open world environments as lifelike and realistic as possible.

There are 560 (2014) employees that are working in Dice.

Sega – Sega are a massive company there are currently 4,865+ employees in Sega today and it is still on the rise there are companies that are spread throughout the world in places such as Tokyo, America, England and many more. Sega are the company who are recognised for their sonic games that are worldwide and recognised nearly everywhere on the Earth.

These all have different concepts on the way they portray an urban environment, this is mainly because of their different styles and the amount of employees and resources they have to create the environments. Rockstar has a much higher resolution and in depth look than Sega has when it creates its urban environments, Rockstar tends to use more detailed textures and they tend to go more in depth than when Sega does in its urban environments.