The Road to my career

I have done some research of some of the jobs that revolve around 3D modeling I have done this research so that I could find out what the specific job roles and what the skills are that are needed in order to get the job that I am looking for.

To become a 3D animator within the gaming industry I need to have many requirements, these requirements are:

  • creativity and imagination – In order to do games I will have to have a huge interest in playing and more importantly a passion for creating games and most of all creating ideas, to be in the animating industry you need to have a little imagination
  • good drawing or modelling skills – To obtain this skill a good way to do this is by taking up a major or a degree in art and Design, this will help thither my chances of acquiring this job and becoming  a 3D animator. Practice is also another aspect that I will have to do by continually drawing at least once or twice every day will increase my drawing skills.
  • patience and concentration – patience and concentration is key when working in 3D animation, you have to take a lot of time on some of the projects
  • acting skills to bring characters to life
  • Accuracy and attention to detail – this will be helped by taking an Art and Design degree/ major. And by putting time and effort into your work that I do and I’ll make sure that everything I do is to the best of my ability and that all of the details needed for the drawing are to do the highest of my ability.
  • The ability to take direction – I have to be able to take charge and move forward in a positive direction, I will be able to do this by taking the lead role within groups to get an understanding of how to take direction within the gaming industry.
  • Good computer skills, preferably including graphics and animation software – I will do this by taking notes and screen shots of my work and progress when using my IT skills. Also keeping a portfolio will help validate my skills when working on computers and in using the animation software.
  • communication and presentation skills
  • the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Good teamwork skills – having good team work will allow good cooperation and understanding between me and my collogues, a good way to get this job is to work on small projects with a group of friends and work on the dynamics and working as a team.

Where can I get the requirements from?

There are many courses that I can go to that will help me get the requirements and skills that are needed, one of these is to go for work experience at a local games development industry, or I could go to Canterbury College to study a two year course in games development to thither improve my skills or to take it to the next level li could go to the University of Hertfordshire where they will give me a three year course where they will teach me a lot of skills that I will need to get the job role within a gaming industry.

The first year they will teach me the many uses of the software’s and the techniques that I will need to progress in the creation of 3D modeling. In the second year they will teach all about sound FX and how to create them by using other objects.

By doing this research to find out about the different job roles within the gaming industry it will help me to understand what is needed of me, in order for me to become a 3D modeler or anything that is within that department and how I can get the education to improve my skills for my future career.