Today we are going on a trip to West gate gardens where we will be spending the majority of the day taking pictures of the wildlife in many different perspectives, taking audio tracks of the natural ambience around us at various amount of times and locations and drawing the wildlife around us.

Preparation of the trip


Before we took off on the trip to West gate gardens we first got this piece of paper that we had to use to write about the different types of equipment that we needed to bring the different methods that were used to record the pieces of information and the (Put third thing in here) and this would help us to make an understanding of what is needed in order to capture the research needed to create another tree using the research that we gathered on the day.

Introduction of the day

We met at the begging of the day where we met up and we got everything ready (i.e. getting the cameras sorted out and the and testing the audio devices) we got into our groups before setting off to West gate Gardens when we arrived we all set off to get pictures of all of the foliage, Audio ambience of the surrounds nature (Foliage: Leaves rustling, animals, etc) and drawings of the foliage that was around us at the time.

IMG_2610 IMG_2604

The day was a nice day with nice lighting which brought out the depth of the trees textures which made them more adventurous and challenging to draw, the light also gave the tress and other types of foliage, shadowed parts which change the shading that was done of the drawing. The light also changed the way we took images because it enhanced the quality of the images at a certain angle which really made some images stand out upon others.

  • What was the Atmosphere like?

The time of year is Autumn time which means that the colouration of the trees changes to a very majestic looking textures to the trees which in turn gave it a different effects on the images that were taken and the different shades that were given when drawing the pictures.

  • What did we do?

Throughout the day we was given a camera an audio recording device and a sketch pad, we had to go through West gate gardens and take images of the foliage where ever it was and at any if not every angle that we could get it from, this was so we could focus them when we recreate foliage on 3Ds max with more of an ease to create them because we will then have the real life picture of the object that will help me in creating the object.

We also gathered audio tracks this is so we can see how the different sound of foliage changes as the location changes or the weather changes, also we gathered them so we can re-use then or recreate them too when creating sound effects for games – the will be our guide lines – they will help us get as close to the real sound as possible.

As well as doing this we drew some image of the foliage around us this is so that we could have an idea of how the curves and the textures are within the foliage and we could see how the textures alters the tones and the depth of the trees will be.

  • What went well, What didn’t?

From my personal perspective the whole day went well, this was mainly due to the weather seeing it was a beautiful day it made it easy to take a lot of images and record sounds and even draw the images. However, there wasn’t much of a variety of sounds that could be recorded upon the day , this was due to some of the sounds being too low to be picked up without any background interference.

  • Was the equipment easy to use?

The equipment that we used was easy to use because we was given a brief tutorial on how to use the equipment properly and effectively, I did already have experience in using the equipment that was given because of personal use of a camera and previous uses of the audio recorder.

  • What was interesting?

The most interesting part of the day was taking the images of the foliage, this is because of the different varieties of textures and colours of all of the trees and the dying leaves that were scattered across the floor and this game me great ideas to take certain images of the scenery.

IMG_2616 IMG_2648

As well as taking pictures I also drew images of the surrounding foliage and the wildlife, I drew them from still life which was a little difficult to do when concentrating on drawing a duck when it constantly moves. to make my drawing different I decided to give myself a time limit in which I could draw the drawings before I had to stop and then leave the image.

This was fun because it made me rush the drawing which did mean I had no time to go back and correct every minor mistake that I made, and that I could express myself in a more messy and speedy based drawing rather then taking my time with every detail as I normally tend to do, so this was rather enjoyable to do.

Collecting a few pieces of foliage will help me as a solid reference that will help me when creating objects of textures that are closely relaying to what I need so as you can see I have a leaf this will help me with the textures of the leaves and the initial shapes of the leaves and also a piece of bark this will help me when creating the wood look for the tree and the texture of the trees bark.

Drawings that I did during the day

Throughout the day out I also drew some pictures of the environment while i was taking pictures and recording audio on the day. I decided to give myself a set time to draw each image to give myself a little bit of a challenge to draw the images within a given time limit, this gave me the chance to test my skills in drawing.

I found this a little chalenging because if found it a little difficult to align all of the lines to the way I would normally do them – making sure every fine detail is in place – however I couldn’t do this as I was timing myself.

The first Image that I did was off of a

 Evaluation of the effectiveness

This task was all primary research because it was all done by myself and it was my own research that I found myself to gather research we was given a camera and an audio recorder to get information and images of the various amount of angles and different types of foliage. The methods that was used was taking images of the still life and then drawing straight from the image, as well as this I gave myself a slotted time to draw a certain image that I wanted to draw from still life.

I took pictures of various different angles of foliage and these will be used to be a guideline when I’m going to recreate my own models of foliage. Also I could change my drawing style by using different mediums and I could use more none traditional utensils. It was a very successful day all round because of the amount of information that I gathered from the day will really help me a future reference when creating 3D models.

I also managed to feed the ducks which did give me a closer examination of how their bodies move and the texture that are on their feathers and on all of their details on their bodies.