In this lesson we discussed what is the importance of using lighting within games and the different types of lighting that you can use within games. we was given a task to draw a level (Blueprint) that can be either one level or two levels what ever we decided and we then had to add lighting according to our environment, this could be bright if its a happy area or dark and eerie if its a horror/ scary environment.

We first made it so that we could see through the pollies so that we can see within the box to make it look like a room and this will also help me with the lighting wont be scattered everywhere because there are wall that will prevent the light from going everywhere.


After creating one room I then created the other parts of my house, this will be the corridors, other rooms and the door frames, creating all of this was pretty easy to do by using the extrude button that allowed easy access to creating the other rooms and corridors.

Adding a light wasn’t too difficult to do, it was the editing of the light to make it fit the scene at hand that was the hardest part to do at the time, I had to make sure that the light wasn’t too bright that it was impossible to see what was in the room or that it was too dark to even see the slightest change in the lighting of the room.

after creating the lighting effects I decided to make them fit their purpose, so I changed the colour of the light to make it go with the object that is giving off the light and to the mood that I wanted to set within this environment.

For a little additional lighting effect I decided to create a lamp with a lampshade before I then created a light that was a orange tinted light and I then placed it in to the lamp shade that game it the beams coming out of the top and bottom of the lamp


I personally think that this piece of work went rather well considering a few complications with light sources and room dynamics. I found it easy to position the lights accordingly to what I wanted to do, as well as this it was rather enjoyable to test out different lighting effects and different lights.

Next time I will change the colour and the intensity of the lights making it have a different feel to the environment by making the light either red to signify danger or to a orange-yellow toned colour to make it look more home related.