In this session we discussed what juxtaposition means and how we could create juxtaposition for ourselves, also we had to gather three different examples of juxtaposition in a game that is set within a high foliage environment.

We also had a go at creating our own juxtaposition by creating a poster which demonstrates my understanding of juxtaposition within the image that I will produce.

What we did

Throughout this session we discussed the different uses of juxtaposition within in many different games and how that game portraits itself using this method. choosing the three different games was difficult to find because I couldn’t find a good enough image from the different games that showed juxtaposition as well as I wanted it to look like.

I did however find three different games that I’ve clear juxtaposition and these are the games that I chose:

Crisis – Crisis is based on a planet that looks rather close to that of planet earth because of the skyscrapers, however this is portrait covered with lots of foliage that is covering all of the destroyed buildings. it makes you feel at home but at the same time it make you feel like your on a whole new foreign planted, so it gives you an somewhat uneasy approach on the game.

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Just cause – In this game it shows a jungle environment which seems to be quite calm at first glance, however as you go through the game it seems to be far for a nice and peaceful place, there are a lot of industrial building that are hidden within the forest that are part of an evil organisation.

The forest is there as a cover up of the massive building and hides them out of sight for the public so that they don’t get scared because of what is really going on behind the shut doors.

Far Cry – Far Cry is a good game that shows Juxtaposition, this is because you play on an island that seems to be a place of paradise but it is far from a land of paradise, with killing everywhere and disaster and danger everywhere you go.

This is the same trend that goes throughout the whole franchise they make the place seem peaceful and then when you least expect it there is death everywhere  and you are constantly trying to survive.


Juxtaposition isn’t just used within games its also used within movies too, a good example of this is the hunger games, all of the districts are to believe that all of their offerings of their tributes are sacrificed to keep all of the districts safe and its in the memory of the wars that took place in the past.

But this is not the case the top district is only doing this for their entertainment nothing more. Another example is that with the top district is is supposed to be seen as this really high and sophisticated society. However behind closed doors it is rather maniacal and dark because the government doesn’t like anything other than what they have (democracy) and who ever apposes this will be killed.