Today in this session I have been asked to work within the group and we had to think of an idea collaboratively about a game that has to be based within a Jungle or within a forest and we had to create a short summary about this game and what the game will be composed of when playing and what the players will do through the game.

After this we then identified 3-4 different job roles that were within the process in creating the game and how they are involved with the final design of the game, finally we had to write a job post for one of the specific job roles while labelling all of the things that job role does and the skills that are required for that specific job role.

Job roles

A good job role that would really help with creating the environments for the game would be a Environmental designer, the are in control of the environments around the player, this covers the trees, grass, buildings, landscapes, etc. This job role is really key in the process of this game because the environment plays a huge part of the game because it is based within a forest/ jungle.

One of our job roles that we thought that would best fit the creation of the game is a level designer, this is because without a level designer it is going to be a rather hard process to complete the game and without out there will be no game to produce.

The requirements that are needed for the level designer job role:


Job Title: Senior Level designer

Job Category: Level Designer

Job Description: We are looking for Senior level designer who has expert experience with creating levels for games and that is willing to work or wide open world game level. We are looking for someone who is innovative and ‘different’ to everyone else and doesn’t mind a little fun while working, but are still a hard worker.

As a Senior level designer your task will be to primarily be responsible for the design of levels and content for completely new game titles. You will also be responsible for global and higher-level tasks. We are looking specifically for applicants  who have had professional experience within other game industries.

Your Job roles: 

  • Develop levels and content for a varied range of games and genres
  • Establish rules and best practices for game content
  • Build game objects and templates for the use of whole department
  • Create of mockups, from scribbles to whitebox levels
  • Communicate level concepts and quality goals to the entire team
  • Cooperate closely with the Game Design, Analysis and Balancing department
  • The creation of high quality game assets in collaboration with artists within the studio
  • To meet all deadlines when they are needed.
  • To have a strong level of drawing or either sculpting skills

What are we looking for within you:


  • Several years of experience in level design
  • Very good technical understanding of game and level design
  • Up-to-date working knowledge of at least one major AAA game engine/editor
  • Understanding of multiple genres
  • Good sense of usability
  • Strong understanding of free-to-play mechanic
  • Understanding of multiple target audiences (casual/mid-core/hardcore)
  • Strong mathematical, analytical and logical skills
  • Very good knowledge of English, both spoken and written




Within this task i have created my very own game description papers that will be able to be viewed by the public and they could apply for this job. The reason why I have done this is so I have a brief understanding of how to set up on of these.