In this session we were broke down in to groups, I was in a group with: Jordan, xavier and I we discussed between the three of us the different concept arts of trees that are within a variation of different games we decided to choose games such as The witcher 3, Last of us, Skyrim and we are going to critically compare the different types of foliage within these games and we are going to gather secondary research from 10 other people.

To gather the information that we need correctly we are going to create a questionnaire that well be devised of 6 different questions, three of these will be qualitative and the other three will be quantitative.

On the field trip the research that was gathered was secondary researched, this really helped me discover the different textures and shapes of the trees and it also helped me create more accurate designs for my 3D models, the importance of me doing this was so that when I create future designs of foliage.

Games I have chosen to analyse

I have chosen three games in which my group would ask 10 different people about each of these games, we are doing this so we can gather the correct information that we need in order get an understanding of what designs look best and what an audience prefers between the three different concept arts that we have chosen.

I have composed a questionnaire on paper and on a website called survey monkey where I am going to ask questions about what one looks more realistic and why and what one out of the three has better graphics. I am doing this so that I can discover what one looks better and why this is. This will also help me understand what within a game best represents a foliage environment.

The witcher III: Though out the Witcher three is an open world game that has a lot of forest and foliage within the game play. It is  a medevil type based game which is filled with wondrousness environments that can seem rather creepy and spooky to the eye .


The Last of us: The last of us is based within a delicate, decaying city that has been taken over by a lot of foliage, there are lots of foliage that is spread throughout the game.


The elder scrolls online:  This is an MMO open world game which has less foliage than the other two games have, however it has a big dense forest that has a lot of textures within it. This game is a more fantasy game which is different to the last of us which a more of a realistic survivalist game.