In this session we are creating a 3D diorama based off of the primary research that we gathered on the day out to West gate gardens. The images that we gathered on that day were to help us in creating  a 3D diorama of a foliage based environment, we have to pick a season in which we want our environment to be and then recreate the diorama to the according season that we have chosen.

As well as recreating a tree we are also going to create the ground and possible an extra tree or two around the initial first tree to complete the 3D foliage diorama.

What was done in the lesson

At first we had to choose the initial scene that we was going to recreate, weather it being in the middle of summer or it being the middle of winter or fall, this was critical to do because it will help us on the textures of the leaves and the amount of leaves that the trees has on it.

After choosing the season I then had to chose the image in which I was going to recreate, my image was off of a standard looking tree that had a high level of trees and it was rather bulked in parts this would make it harder to recreate.

IMG_2594 IMG_2592 IMG_2589

This is the tree that I’m going to recreate as a 3D diorama I have take multiple images of it so that I can see exactly how it will look at different angles, this will help because I will be able to see it from the different perspectives and create it as accurate to the original that I can.

Creating the tree was exactly the same as the last time I created the tree except there was a few minor changes and different techniques that I did when creating the 3D model, instead of just shrinking the top and thinking that it’s pointed I welded the points together to make it a real point.

This will also help when adding the textures it will make sure that every poly is covered with a texture. Deleting the bottom also helped because this poly will not be seen so it is easier to just get rid of the poly.

I used a new tool called the pelt tool which allowed me to map the entire scale of tree branch giving me all of the sides in one format, this will help me when adding the texture to the tree by giving me a net that I can fit within the box.tree


This is the final design of my tree, as you can see it is a close representation of the images that i have taken and I have added many different this to this design than I did with the first design.

I think it turned out rather well considering I had a little trouble at first with the bend tool at the start, but I managed to figure out the issue I faced to get this final product. Although some parts I found difficult – this is because they were new tools, that I haven’t used before – however, it was relatively easy to complete and I am rather happy with the outcome.