In today’s session we discussed the different types of target audiences weather it being neche or a mainstream audience and the differences of the two, we will also discuss the importance of the target audience to the game developers and the development of the game itself. 


Throughout today’s session we discussed the different types of audiences that a game could have, how you can make your game fit that specific audience and the many different ways they can be advertised.

There are two main different types of a target audience, these two are: Main stream and neche audience. A main stream audience is a wide audience where the publishes of a game try to get everyone to buy their game by putting as much advertising of their product out as they can so that they can get as much profit as they can get.

A neche audience is a much smaller but more efficient audience to that of the main steamed audience this is because a neche audience is a small audience that the company focus on who they know will buy their new product and they only make it available for that small portion of people, rather than sending out a whole lot of advertising they only go for a small audience that they know they will buy the game/ watch their movie.

Audiences are the people who the games is both advertised to and the to people who will buy the game, the audience are the viewers who the game is going to be aimed towards.

The importance of knowing what audience that you are going to be looking at is critical for the processing of the products because you need to know how much work and effort needs to be put in to a lot of the processes. If you are going for a main stream audience then you have to focus more extensively in the advertisement by getting your game out there and increasing your audience as well, whereas if you was going for a neche audience then you don’t have to focus on this as much because you don’t need to be sending out a lot of advertisement to everyone when you have a selected audience to focus on.

As well as discussing the different types of audiences being either neche or main stream, we also talked about the different ages of your target audience, finding out the specific age that you are going to be aiming for when creating a game will help you in finding how to give out advertisement to that specific audience and on how to develop the game.

Thinking about your target audience will also help with the amount of money that you get from creating the game, if it is categorised as a 12A game this means that they audience would be much wider than if the game was a 12 or an 18 rated game this is mainly because a 12A rated game is for all ages but people below the age given have to get their consent of their parents to get the game.

A target audience is really critical to know before you create any game, this is because it will help within the creation process of the game and it will help you understand what your target audience will like and what they would like to do while playing your game. Also it will enable you to create the level of violence or strong language weather it has any or if there is anything that will need to be changed within your game to go accordingly to the target audience.

It will also help when marketing, by creating a suitable Champaign that will be aimed specifically at that audience that I have chosen to make my game.

For my game I have chosen a 12A game because there is a level of gore that is within the game and it is a little in detail the details of death within it , however it is an educational game that shows you the evolutionary stages of animals that we see today through out time.

The importance of marketing my game properly

The importance in marketing my game properly will change the outcome of what money that you will get from the game, if you don’t market your game properly this will be very critical on the amount of profit that you are going to get from your game, this is because the more that you market your game the more of an audience is going to see your game and the more potential profit you are going to get from it.

If you don’t start marketing in the early stage rather than a later stage it will be really hard to be noticed by a wide audience because there hasn’t been much of your advertisement seen before the initial game comes out. Whereas if you market it early then that gives people a chance to see your product and think if they want to buy it.


The findings that I found was how important the target audience is in the development of your game, and what is needed to hit many criteria’s of the different target audiences. I discovered how to get the best target audience and what the requirements are to hit the specific target audiences.