In this session we was given a task where we had to identify and explain the uses of the surroundings could tell the initial player what the story is by the surroundings of the game and this could be done through minor pieces within the game that not many people would pick up upon. A good example of this is Bioshock, the game makes the whole city look like a utopia from the start, however as you start to play the game and throughout the game it slowly indicates that it isn’t quite the utopia that you think it to be.

They show this by adding little details within the game that show you it is nothing but a corrupt society rather than a peaceful and loving town in which it is masked to look like.

These two images are very different in terms of the fell they give off, in the first image it shows a utopia that looks peaceful and perfect but it is in fact far from that, behind this utopia looking city there is a corrupt government that controls the people while at the same time making everything look like its a peaceful place, but as you play through the game you can see the sutle changes and indications that this is in fact a rather corrupt and dark city.


in the second image it shows a nice peaceful looking house it looks quite inviting and warm, however this is no the case. As you go through the house you can see light indications that this isn’t quite the warm and inviting house that you though it was at first sight.

There isn’t much difference between these games they both display a quite calm and peaceful area, that underneath they are really a creepy environment that shows fear among the player, the first game which is bio shock 1 it very discretely introduces that the city if not in fact a utopia it is in fact a dystopia.

Where as in the second image it doesn’t have such a slow introduction  that this house that you re is isn’t as inviting as it seems, you are instantly introduces with dark and spooky environments as soon as the sun sets the house seems to ‘change’ in the way that it goes from looking rather welcoming and warm and then it changes to a more dark and disturbing place.



I also chose two different objects that are from two different games and I will then compare them critically to deter the differences between the two and what then make you feel as you look at the images weather it being a spooky tone or weather it has bright colours so it will give a more happy feeling to the object.

in the first image it shows a nice peaceful looking home with nice bright colours and live plants on the table, however it have this rather uncomfortable and creepy look about it because of the use of colours that the games uses and the light also strengthens this feeling. It also tells you that this house belonged to a family and to me that they were getting ready for dinner, but something happened to them before they did this.


In the second image this object doesn’t really give you a clear indication of what the story could be because this is an image that is placed throughout the game multiple times so it doesn’t really tell you what the story is about. the main reason for this is because the borderland trilogy has a rather diverse storyline where you can go through the game as you please and you don’t really have to go through the correct story line.

However there are more specific objects that give the player a little idea in what the story is about, this game doesn’t really have to show you through visuals because the game rather tells you the story by audio logs in the game.



3D model

The 3D model that I am going to create is a walkie talkie that is going to be as accurate to the origination image in which I will be creating the walkie talk.

The first thing that I did was that I gathered off of the internet a front, back,left and right image of the walkie talkie, after I got these images I started on creating the walkie talkie by mapping out the basic shapes that are the base of the walkie talkie (A box).

Throughout the process of the creation of the walkie talkie I used many tools that I have already used when creating other 3D models in the past so I found it rather easy to create the model because of this reason.

The process took a long time to complete this is because there was a lot of chamfer, bevle and extruding parts. I had to use these tools an awful lot, this is because on a walkie talkie there are a lot of edges and minor extractions that are on the walkie talkie that needed to be added to the model to make it look realistic when the final design is made.




Here I have created my Walkie talkie and it has turned out rather well, although some of the objects that I used didn’t turn out the way I expected because they either  didn’t go to the initial shape that I wanted them to be and they wasn’t positioned properly.

One this that was hard to do was the texturing, as you can see by my final piece I didn’t really have the textures on the other sides because it didn’t seem to allow me to texture the other sides without texturing the front side.

Next time I will add the more buttons to make it look more realistic and as well as this I will add the textures of the opposing sides to the walkie talkie.