In this sessions we discussed the means of social media in how they could be used for for marketing, promotion and the networking and how they will help the promotion of my game. We discussed what we are going to do according to social media and we arranged how was was going to make our game known by the media to get a good enough audience for our game to make profit.

At the beginning of the session we discussed what the different types of social medias are and how they can be used to make your game know to an audience, we touched upon the reasons why social media is a good was to go to market your game and why it isn’t good for you not to use social media.

Going through the discussion we agreed the comedy was going to be one of our top priorities to do when advertising our product. We decided that this was a good way to go because if our product is shown as being funny it could make the game seem more interesting and it would get more people liking the whole concept of the game, seeing that it’s a funny game.

This is because without social media it is going to be very hard for a game to get noticed without any social media sight. It is by far much easier and efficient to market a game through a lot of social media sights, this is because everybody at least uses one of these social media sights (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, etc).

Many of the social media sights have an ability to share their content with others which will help the spread of our game. This helps indie game developers to promote their games because so many people are using social media sights now as a form of communication now more than ever, this means that there will be a much more wider audience hit due to social media.

What we plan on doing?

We discussed as a group what our process would be to get our game advertised and advertised efficiently and make sure that we can get the audience that we are looking for. We are going to create a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts where we would create a page that displays some of our content (Different on each social media website) and we are going to give a description on what the game is about and what the player will do within the game.

We agreed that with the Instagram we was going to share images of our progress with the games, showing concept art, designs and images of the processing of the game itself. As well as posting these images we are also – when we get a big enough audience – we are planing on involving the audience by letting them have the chance to draw a creature/character design and if they win then their creature will be put into the game.

Crowd funding

Thinking that if we did get the audience we wouldn’t have to proper funds to create this game so we could create a kick starter account where we would put a short preview of our game and what it will involve, an in depth description of what the game is going to be about. As well as having  the description we are to to include a few concept art drawing and images of sketches that we are planing on creating within the game.

This is going to help us project our idea and create it into a reality. Having crowd funding is a really important part when trying to launch a game because without crowd funding it is really hard to create the game that you are trying to make because of the equipment, the resources, the marketing and the production of the game is going to cost a lot of money to make, and without crowd funding this isn’t easy if not impossible to accomplish.