In this session we discussed how some games use a story to conflict the players with emotions and the different ways that they do this, we will be analyzing the different emotions in which these story based games could give the players as they play the games.

Throughout the history of games the emotional aspect has changed a lot this is because the amount of technology that has been used, has been improved greatly which this gives a better emotional feel to the game. We discussed trailers of games at the beginning of the session where we watched a few trailers and parts of games that give off a specific emotion to the player.

The first game we watched was the trailer for resident evil, like most games today they normally have a animated trailers but because there wasn’t as much of an advance in technology as we have today they used real life actors which at most points took the whole fear experience when watching the trailer. The reason for this is because the acting of the actors wasn’t very convincing, the tones of their voices and the way that they spoke it wasn’t very convincing and they didn’t seem very scared which took away the whole experience.

As the games have evolved throughout games your can clearly see the difference between the games from in the early stage of gaming to the gaming industry of today. it has changed an awful lot, not just in the graphics but as well in the way that they characters can portray emotion because of someones actions within the game.

This comes down to the amount of pollys that were available to have at the time and that Polly count has changed dramatically throughout the years and it had made it easier for games to express more human like emotions within games. Being able to express more humanoid like emotions will help the player be able to experience and more immerse themselves within the game that they are playing.

Emotions within a game are very important to have as well as the appropriate emotion for the correct situation within the game, for example: if you had a horror situation and the character spoke in a rather happy tone it would possibly confuse the player. Another example is if the characters voice shows one emotion when their face portrays another emotion would confuse the player about the situation.

What things within games convey meaning to the players?

Within games there is a whole range of elements that give a meaning to a game whether it being its story or it being the feel of the location there is always something that helps put forward this within every game.

These things that convey meaning to a story within a game are:

Textures- these can play a huge part within giving off meaning of an environment as well as telling a story within an environment. the way that it does this is by giving off little things that could tell the player about whats going on within the environment as well as things relating to the story.

whether it being a stain of blood upon a carpet or a broken glass or torn fabric, etc. all of those textures can help with creating meaning within a game.

Lighting and sound – These also help with the telling of a story, by creating a different type of lighting can changed the situation as well as the mood of the area that the lighting has changed, this could be because the lighting has been tinted differently to show danger or something other.

Sound can be used in a similar fashion by making different sounds to give off a different feeling to the players inflicting fear by giving sharp sudden sounds could make the players feel fear and classical music might make the players more calm and happy.