Throughout this lesson we are going to be creating audio that is sounding like it has been played through a walkie talkie and the same piece of audio sounding like it is played through a megaphone speaker, these audio will be an addition, when done to the 3D model that I have created within the other sessions.

The first thing that we did was we got an audio recording of a line that is off of a catchphrase from a movie that I am going to change it to sound as close to the original audio as I possibly can

Walkie talkie

The first audio that I am going to be doing is the walkie talkie, this is because i could after I create the walkie talkie sound I can then use that audio to create the megaphone audio.

I have used a few different tools that will help me in creating the sound that I need to create it as close to a walkie talkie sound as I can. to change the audio so it has a more static tone to it I used the Leveller tool that will amplify the hiss and give it a static feel to it.

To give it the static sound that a walkie talkie normally makes when you speak through it I used the noise tool to add static noise that is only going to play at the end of the recording.

This sounds was however too loud and it made it extremely hard to hear the audio and it was too loud to listen to. to make it easy to make out what is being said I used the Amplifer tool to soften the audio.

This does however have a problem, by having a constant tone makes it seem like a constant stream, when the audio isn’t and it has breaks within it so I’m going to use the Envelope tool to make the audio go in and out.

Mega phone 

With the mega phone re-dubbing it was rather similar to the other one but there was a slight reverberation that will give it a metalic sound to it. The revered will make the track sound like is playing multiple times before the actual clip will play the sound.


Both of the sounds sounded similar to the sound that I was trying to recreate, however they weren’t to the exact tone as they would be like if they were really played through the objects. This is mainly because thus us my first time recreating these types of sounds and as well using the tools that I used were new to me as well.