Within this session we discussed the different types of games that change the story to that of what is shown within the game play videos or within the games trailer and how this effect the audience’s views upon the game and how it can change the amount of people that want/wouldn’t want to buy the game.

Also we discussed the importance of embedding the target audience within production within a game and how the audience can have an impact on how the game is produced and the way that the game runs (change in story if the reviews are really negative).

Audience influence on the production of a video game

The importance of the audience within the production of a game is curtail because the audience will give you feed back to what is good and what is bad about your product and if there is anything that you should change.

Mainstream – The importance of involving your main stream audience with the production of your game is very high because there is a much wider audience that need to be satisfied with your product. In order for them to want the next product that comes out and they can have a huge influence upon your game because they will expect to see certain things within your game.

Niche – The importance of embedding your audience within your product for a niche audience is just as important as embedding them if they were a mainstream audience. It is important to embed them within the production process on a regular basis so they know what is going on and how well the production of the game is going (it keeps them interested in the game).

How audiences respond to different products

Audiences can act very positively and very negatively when something within a game has either been changed dramatically or weather the game is nothing to standard to what has been promised or said it would be like. This could lead to many arguments and reviews that are against the product that demand that is changes or whether it is a good idea that it has changed.

The two different reactions that can come from something like this is positive and negative out comes to the product:

Positive – A positive outcome to a product would be something like the Wii. The Wii at first was seem as a product that wasn’t a good thing to get, this is because the it brought a whole new idea of gaming where you are the controller and the game will change as you move the Wii remote and it gives you the chance to act as if you are the character within the game. At the time of this released

many gamers where not into doing a lot of movements while they play games so they looked at this as not being a fun thing to buy.

However this wasn’t the case for long because as a Cult audience started to play the Wii more and more people realised that the Wii console was actually a fun console to get because of the positive reviews that the Cult audience had upon the product and this product soon changed from being a Cult audience to a mainstream audience.

Negative – A game that has had a negative impact upon the audience is Metal gear solid 2, the developers of the game decided to take away one of the main characters which had a very negative impact to the audience where they had an uproar about this because the character that they wanted to play as was unplayable.

This lead to less people buying the game which did have an impact of the company to put the character beck within the game and this changed the game, and this was all because of the audience didn’t like the choice the creators of the game did.