Within the session we looked at a video that shows the history of drawing throughout time going from the very early stages of drawing to the modern style of drawing, we discussed the difference of what happened and what changes throughout the years of art and how it has changed so much throughout the many years.


As well as this we will discuss the different methods that are used to create such imagery and how we could do so ourselves if we were going to create similar pieces of work. Also we are going to critically analyse the different styles of drawing and how different the drawing styles have changed throughout the years.

Looking at how they used to and possibly still do draw like, I will then draw my own 4 images of both one and two perspectives.

We watched a video clip that told us about the development of art through the years and how the artistic structure and design has changed throughout the years and how this was achieved in such early times.

Before 1400’s the style of drawing was pretty basic and simple to the eye because there wasn’t much ‘detail’ in the way that the texture upon something like a human face of a sheet of cloth was very bland and one coloured and it didn’t have much depth to the drawing or painting.


It wasn’t until 1420 when the art style suddenly changed from being rather bland and flatly drawn to becoming a rather in depth and more realistic looking images. The new style of drawing came across like a storm, changing the style in which every artist drew almost immediately, the way that the artist changed their style of drawing ‘changed overnight’.

No one could quite tell how or why everyone could suddenly draw “overnight”. The way how the artist got such precise and in depth looking images is because they used something called the Camera obscurer that will use light the is reflected through a piece of glass that will project an image on to a wall or in this case a piece of paper from which they will then draw their image upon.


In the 1500’s they changed their methods that changed a little what they were doing before, they changed only a little because this was a discovery that artist could use a mirror to use its reflection from it to create an image from the mirror to a piece of paper, this would make it much easier to draw an image straight from the mirrors reflection.

I personally think that David Hockney’s  secret knowledge video was really eye opening to what I could do to draw my won drawings and it also helped me have a wider understanding on how people in the past used to draw as well as they did and how it suddenly changed.

My drawings

There was 4 different drawings that I did both of the first two drawings were off of one and two point perspectives, both of these perspectives that I got were the same as everyone’s else’s because these images were given to us at the time.  I found that the two point perspective was much easier to do because it had two different vanishing points in which I could line up half of the image with.


After I drew these images I then had to draw two other drawings of my own choice, this meant that I had to take a two different pictures – one image with one vanishing point and the other with two- that I will then have to draw from them to create my own one and two point perspective drawings.


It was difficult to do at first because I had to map out the angles and figure out where the vanishing points are and where the horizon point was.IMG_1142IMG_1143


I think that this really helped me have an understanding of one and two point perspectives and how to draw them with persuasion and how to align then lines and find out where the vanishing points are as well as finding out the horizon line.