In this session I am going to discuss the difference between part time, full time and freelance contracts and the information that the have and what will happen if there was something that happens within the contract.


Contracts are a legal binding that composes of two different parties that has a mutual agreement upon the task that is given to the client in which the employer has given to them to do. Contracts are to give employment to clients, they involve a lot of different tasks in which the clients will agree to, and they show what the contract involves (What will be required within the project that is at hand.

Contracts protect both of the parties legally, protecting them from anything that goes wrong for either the employer or the client, weather this being a misunderstanding with the contracts agreements, something either happens to the client and he/she cannot work or weather the project changes to what the original contract states then either legal party can act upon this.

The information that a contract will tell you is what the client is going to be doing within the job that they have been given to by the employer and on what the job will consist of, if this does change there could be no payment at the end or the time schedule will be seriously reduced.


The difference between a fulltime and a part time and freelance contracts are:

A full time contract normally consists of around 38 hours each week. A Part time contract normally consists of up to 38 hours or less a week and a freelance contract is where you are a self employed employee or a part of other companies as well you might not be intituled to the same writes as the other employees.


This link will take you to a video clip that helped me gather some of this information out: