In this session we discuss the difference between viewing the real life art museum and viewing it through the Nintendo 3ds app. Were we discussed the pros and the cons that are to do with the two and the pros and cons for each.

The Louvre (Real vs virtual)

The Louvre is the biggest art gallery in the world and it is home to a monumental amount of artwork that ranges from ancient Greece and Rome to the art from today.

There is this 3ds app that is a virtual tour of the Louvre which will take you on a virtual tour throughout the Louver which in many ways changes the whole experience of the tour from what it would be like from the real thing. (Game


The pros of seeing things on the virtual game is that it cost an awful lot less then going to the the real life Museum this is a good because not many people can afford to go to the real Louvre and getting the game would be so much cheaper and easier.

Not many people can afford to go to the Louvre so this is ideal for them, however it doesn’t not have the same feeling and the same experience as going to the real Louvre

Another pro with the virtual tour is that you are going to be viewing the art in your own home where you can have a more calmer and easier experience. When looking through the Louvre because there aren’t any people around you when your viewing the art, which can be distracting to most people, especially if they want to focus on the art without being disturbed or distracted.

As well as pros to this game there are also cons, the main con with the game is that you will not have the ‘proper’ experience when you are viewing the pieces of art, this is because when you are looking through a screen there will be many things that will be different.

There will be different textures and lighting when looking at the pieces of art which can dampen the experience if you are an art lover.

Another con with the virtual experience is that the images are always taken from one perspective, where as if you was looking at the pieces of art in real life you can get many different points and angles of the images that will give you a different view upon the pieces of art.

The Sculptures that are within the game will not look as in depth as they do in real life and this has a whole different feeling to the experience that you will endure on the 3Ds.

One of the most letting down of the cons is that the amount of artwork that you can view within the game is limited to only 700+ pieces of art work that you can view on the game. Whereas in the real Louvre there is over 100,000+ pieces of art work within the Louvre.


This game is a very good game when you cannot really afford to go to the Louvre in real life and it can give you a whole new experience about the Louvre because it isn’t the real life thing it changes the aspect and the whole feel to the art work.

Real life ‘The Louvre’

The pros of seeing the art in real life is that you will have a whole different experience when you are looking at the art in the Louvre rather then looking at it through a 3ds.

The main reason for this is that when you are looking at the art in real life you can pick up on the textures and the actual design of the art by being able to map and pan across then whole image or sculpture with your own eye and various angles will change your experience.

The cons of going to the real life gallery is because it will cost a lot of money to go to the Louvre compared to just getting the game, as well as this it also can become ‘over crowded’ and it can be different to concentrate and observer the art it great detail.

With the game there are three different types of routes that you could go for, each of them will take you on a whole new route through the Louvre changing your whole experience as you go to the Louvre every time (


Throughout this task I have discovered that it is really important that the layout of a art museum is really important if you want to the viewers to get the best experience out of your museum.

As well as this I have discovered that it is just as important to precisely map out an on-line version of a gallery and a real gallery. And the difference between the two and the different things that both of them either have good about them or bad.