This blog post is an overall reflection of the task the I have just completed and I show before you. I will describe within this post the different skills that I have learnt and used while I created the 3D gallery.

I will also will be enlisting the different job roles that these skills would help me to acquire these job roles and how the audio, atmosphere, lighting and textures projects a different atmosphere and feeling to an environment.


  1. Explain what skills creating your gallery helps you to demonstrate?

Throughout the creation of my virtual gallery I learn several skills while I created the props and the atmospheres within each room and these are some of the skills that I learnt while I was creating my virtual gallery.

time – It has helped me demonstrate time management because everything was set to be completed all at one time which meant I had to properly chart the the time so that I could complete everything at the right time.

blue prints – Within the unreal engine I had have learnt to use something called blue prints, this was to programme the motions of objects such as doors and button. As well as creating blueprints for the movements of object I also created blueprints for audio and videos to be played.

modelling – I had to model a whole virtual gallery of my own to look like a realistic gallery in real life, as well as this I had to create a realistic scene in a forest.

Audacity  – I used Audacity to edit the sounds that I would will be played throughout the 3D environment. Using Audacity to edit these sounds was a good thing to do because this meant that I could council out any background interference that could distort the sound.

Photoshop – I used Photoshop to properly make out the textures and their fixtures to each individual object which would make the textures look better and it made sure that they didn’t overlap on any axis.


2. Identify the range of industry sectors (e.g. triple-A, indie, console, mobile, VR) to which these skills are applicable (provide examples) and explain why these skills are relevant to these sectors.

All of these skills relate to all of these sectors some more than others, this is because they all need most if not all of the skills that I demonstrated while creating this 3D  virtual gallery.

Triple-A – This sector is for big games such as Grand Theft Auto VI all of the skills that I have used to create my virtual gallery will be used in some place within a game such as this. The skills that I have demonstrated will be very good for a triple-A sector because it will be most of the things that they are already done. Although there will be much more advanced methods.

Mobile – mobile games won’t need as much of the skills that I demonstrated because some of the tool and software aren’t obtainable to mobile devices. However, it is mainly because most mobile games are two dimensional games with the illusion of 3D so not much of the 3D aspects that would be needed for a console sector will be needed here.


3.  For what different job roles do these skills prepare you? What are the pros and cons of these job roles? 

The skills that I have learnt from this are going to help me acquire future jobs within the gaming industry, these are job roles such as a level designer because I have learnt how to successfully create a realistic 3D level using the models and textures I gathered.

Audio editor is another job role that I can be prepared for because of doing this 3D virtual gallery because I edited audio to fit at certain places and I made sure that it wasn’t distorted at all.


4.  How did you ensure that you completed your work and met your deadline?

To ensure that I completed my work to meet my deadline I made sure that I properly time managed myself by creating a chart that composed of all of the tasks that I have to do and the slotted time that they needed to be finished by.

Sticking to this times scale made sure that I could finish all of my tasks that were set on time which made sure I could complete my work in the correct times scale.


5.  How did you take to ensure safe working practices when creating your gallery?

To make sure that I made it safe when I was creating it I made sure that I had regular breaks to makes sure that I didn’t strain my eyes while I was creating my virtual gallery .I made sure that my seat was properly adjusted and that I was the correct distance away from the screen at all times to help prevent eye strain.


6. How did you use audio and visual language to create a particular meaning in your virtual gallery? 


Throughout my gallery I changed the different types of objects that were in different rooms, for example, within the art room I used more flat looking objects that usually stuck up on the wall (To make it look more like an art gallery). Where as the 3D room I gave more curricular objects that could relate to more of a 3D surrounding.


I also changed the lighting of the rooms to give the viewer a different meaning to every room I did this by adding a orange/yellow tint to the art room this gives it a more classic atmosphere to the room. I have done this rather differently according to the cinema room where I gave the lights a slight blue tint and I dimmed them a lot to give that cinema feel.


Within the foliage room I have added the sound that relates to the sound of a rainforest which will give the player the indication that it is in fact a rainforest. Within the Art room I have given it more of a classical sound track to make it more of an artistic feeling to the art room, as for the 3D room I have gave it a rather techno feel to the room by having an upbeat song playing in the background.


8.       How could you alter these elements to change the meaning of the virtual experience for users?

If I wanted to change the mood of any of the rooms say, for example, to a horror based environment, I could change the colouration of he lights to something of a more spooky (Red or dark grey). As well as this I could change the music to something less calming and more creepy and eerie to listen to in the background.

Another way I could make it more like a horror type environment is if I change the lights to pure white or a slight tone of grey and making them dim so it is had to see what is around you.

If I was changing the rooms to something that would be more fantasy feel to it I could change the lighting to a more cheery look like, yellow or a more pink or blue toned colour.

To contribute with the changing of the lights colour I could change the objects that hold the objects up to something like a tiny tree as well as changing the casing of the lights.


9. What research tools, methods and skills did you use in preparing your virtual gallery?

Tools – One of my biggest research tools that I used was the Internet because this had a whole variety of textures, sounds,

Methods – Primary research, secondary research I have used both of these methods to create the virtual gallery. I conducted some tasks to find out information about the locations in which my rooms would portray.

For example, I went to West Gate gardens to see the visual surroundings of an foliage environment, I also went to the art museum in London so I could accurately create an artistic look and I went to a cinema to see what lighting and atmosphere they give off so I could create my cinema to fit its requirements.

Skills – Time management was one of the big skills that I used while creating my virtual gallery, this is because in order for me to complete the virtual gallery I had to make sure that I properly managed my time to do this.
Throughout the creation of the virtual gallery I did some research to make sure that I was getting the look and fell of the real environment. I did this by gathering various amount of images that related to the same room in which I was going to create (For example, Wild life and plants for the foliage room).


10. How did you use this research in your production and how useful were your sources in helping you to complete your project?

I did both primary and secondary research on the room so that I could get different aspects of the rooms for my self and from secondary resources. I did primary research when I went to west gate gardens, I looking at all of the foliage that was at there on the day, taking pictures of the area and recording sounds that were from the area.

The secondary research that I did was look for images from the internet and compare them with other images off of the internet and create a mood board at the end of this.

I think that this task was rather successful because I managed to do past of what I initially wanted to do in the first place, I created my four different rooms to a higher standard then I though I could at first.



As well as this I will make sure I do a little more research to see the exact dynamics of a forest and what the lighting would be at different points of the forest.

For time management next time I will gather most assets such as the textures and the creation of such object like light stands so my final creation job is easier to do at the end of the project.