In this session we covered the different styles of team work and we discussed the different tasks that we have done through the term that involve team work and how effective I was within the group.

As well as this I am going to discuss the what is the difference between being professional and not being professional within a team and how professional I was within the team itself.

Throughout the term I have done various amount of team coordinated tasks these tasks and my roles were:

Servery monkey – This task was where me and my team of 3 had to come up with a set of questions that were related to the three different images that my team and I took from three games that we chose. Within this task I was in charge of creating the layout and design of the servery as well as creating some of the questions.

What would have been unprofessional – Is if I concealed myself and didn’t allow anyone to contribute to the questions or the design of the layout.

What I did – I listened to everyone’s opinion about what questions they though would best suit the questionnaire using at least 3 of everyone’s questions.

West gate gardens – Within in this task i was in a group of 4 and we all had our separate jobs to do weather this was to look after the camera or to hold the audio device. We had to collect different variations of research for foliage and its sounds for future reference for future tasks. For the trip of west gate gardens, I was in charge of looking after the camera.

What would have been unprofessional – If I hogged the camera and lit no one take any images of there own.

What I did – I allowed everyone to have a set amount of time with the camera so they had a chance to take their own pictures of what they wanted.


Peer feedback – Me and other members of my class took it in turns to look at each others work to see what is needed to either be added or edited on their work.

What would have been unprofessional – By being really negative to the other members of my class by providing very negative feed back and not giving them any good feedback.

What I did – I positively game beck feedback on what I either did for my own (Any add on’s they may have missed) and

Foliage base game  This task i was in a group of 4 and we had to think of a game that was based around foliage, we was all given specific jobs in which we had to do to help the process of the game. My job role was to create the layout of the kick starter and thinking up a logo for the game itself as well as creating

What would have been unprofessional – If I didn’t listen to what others had to say and I worked alone or if I didn’t contribute to the team by not doing any work.

What I did -I was happy to listen to what my whole team was thinking of and rebounding their ideas with my own and I though of the name for the game.