For the start of this new term we have been put into a group in which we have to create our own realistic bunker that is from this alternative universe where Napoleon has taken control of the whole of Europe.

We have been asked to come up with a company name and design a logo to go with our chosen name. we also discussed the rooms in which we are going to be including within our bunker and the initial layout of the rooms that we are going to create.


Throughout this project I have been put within a group of 5 my group members consists of Me, Darren Wisemen, Luke Dean, Ross and Joy. At the start we had to come up with a team name or company name for our group that we was in. This was difficult to do because at first we didn’t know what name to come up with for our group.

To over come this initial problem we decided to use secondary research to identify what other gaming companies and see what their name was and see how we could use something that is catchy. This is when we though of the name “Time flies” we thought of this name because it goes with the phrase time flies when your having fun, which was a play on words that our game are going to be fun to play.

After this we had to design a logo for our team which was rather difficult to come up with, this is because we had to incorporate our name within it as well as making it unique and unlike any other game company logo.

This was difficult to do because there are already so many logos that will look familiar to the other designs and colour schemes, as well as thinking of a design that was easy to recognize but not too intracute design.  We decided to go with an idea the incorporated with both time and flight to make our logo.

Problems and solutions

There was a few problems that were met and many of which we managed to overcome within the sessions and others that are going to take more  time to complete because of the amount that will need to be done (e.i. research and other assets).

One of the problems was thinking of a name for our team which was difficult at first but we managed to think of a name after using some secondary research by looking up other game companies and avoiding things that would relate to there names too much.

World building and story telling

as well as creating a team and its name we also looked at how we would create a world of our own and make it seem as realistic as possible and that it was relevant to the time that our gamer was set (The late 1900’s) so there was a great deal of research needed in order to create the bunker to meet the time that it is set within.

Throughout the bunker we also talked about how it was going to tell a story the the player of the game and this would be done through story telling through things such as; the lighting of the rooms, the atmosphere, the sounds that would be in the bunker, the assets and what they would look like, etc.

This came with some problems because actually creating sounds and assets like this was going to be hard to do because of the time that the game is set and recreating the feel of the time period was going to be a bit of a challenge to create because many of the items we have today are really different to what we had back in the 19th century.


We managed to complete the design for our logo and we added both time and flight within it, this was fun to do as we had to think of all of the names for our company and the experimentation of the logos design was enjoyable to do.