Within this task my group and I was given a task to create with “profiles” for both Napoleon Buolabart and Arthur Wellington we had to gather a vast amount of information in which we will then compare them with each other when we are finished.there was many different ways that we could create our “profiles” to look like.


My group and I decided that we was going to create a top trump based design for our information that we was going to be gathering, this was a good idea to go with seeing as I was good at Photoshop and they wanted me to create a design for it as they threw in their own ideas.

Everyone within our group had a set task in which they was targeted to do something, I was given the task in creating the idea of the top trump care, Luck was in-charge of getting the information on Arthur Wellington, Joy was in-charge of gathering the information about Napoleon and Ross was in-charge of sketching up the ides that we initially wanted it to look like.

Here are the two finished designs of the top trump based cards of information that my team and I have created.