This week my group and I have been asked to find out information about a found location in which our game is going to be located and we will find out information about the place that we have chosen, and what it was like in 1870 and weather it was around in that era.

We are going to choose a specific location where we can base our game and the type of style of the location we have chosen. As well as this gathering images and information about the history of the building and its location.

For the another part of the tasks this week we have been asked to create four different mood boards that will help us identify different aspects of the environments and what they will look like when we create them.

We have found two places that we could possibly base our location upon the two places that we have chosen are the Canterbury Cathedral and St Augustine abbey , we are going to gather information about both of the sights to see what one we decide to choose.



We had to come up within our groups the different objects that we though would create sound within and environment such as an old bunker in the late 1800’s, once we though of the various amount of sounds that were needed to be within the  bunker all based around the time era we was then split to come up with individual sounds that would be within our rooms that we had been assigned to.


Some of the sounds that I hope to record are light flickers, Morse code deeps and clicks, old books moving, audio crackles and distortion.

Some of these are doing to be difficult to create because of the sounds that were produced from items back then are hard to come across and hard to recreate. An example of this is the hissing and buckling of the pipes over head, this is because back then the pipes were made up of different materiel then they are today aw well as a huge amount of rust.

I could solve this problem by researching what they might have sounded like back in the late 1800’s and given more time in looking for items that could recreate the sound that I hope to create.

My room is the war room, finding out the specific sounds that I needed was rather difficult, this is because back in the 1800’s there wasn’t a lot of high-tech machinery that we have today as well as this there is a new technology from the Tesserac means that there could be a whole new range of items that could have been crafted.

I did however find out when such things as Morse code was around (1836-present day) and Phonographs were around the time that our bunkers time zone was around, finding out this information would enable me to create props and a sound chart for my room. My chart is going to be mainly based on secondary research because nowadays most war bunkers are out of commission for a long time, so the sounds that would be around them will be different.


Every game has to have specific features to make the game, my team and I spent most of the sessions describing and arranging our features for the game. Thinking of the features that would be within the game that we have to create would have to be unique which was a struggle at first because most ideas have already been thought of and we also had to choose some that relate to our game.

This task was difficult and after a while we decided to have such features that you could have up-gradable weapons which will help the character while they go through the game, slow and fast motion intervals that occore at inertial points of the game that can be triggered by the player when they choose to use them.


Mood boards 

Our group is individually creating different mood boards that cooperate with the chosen rooms that we have chosen  trying to capture the exact mood of the room and what it is going to look like within the rooms. I have chosen to go with the war room which means that I will gather images that are off of maps and military base rooms.

The four different mood boards are going to do with the Environment and location, set design and props, Lighting and style, and Inspiration.

Environment and location – I am going to gather images that relate to the location and the overall environment that I have chosen to help me identify and understand what my room is going to look like when I create it.

Mood_board_01_(Environments and location)

Set design and props – I am going to find images that are off of the different objects in which I would think are within my chosen room and the layout of the objects within the room.

Mood_board_02_(set and props)

Lighting and style – I am going to research the different lighting that was around the time of 1870 and how I can intemperate them within the 3D room that I am going to create and how they will end up looking.

Mood_Board_03(Lighting and atmosphere)

Inspiration – I have created a collage of different games that have given me some sort of inspiration with building the bunker with the textures that I will use, the overall layout of the bunker and the atmosphere that the environment will portray.


Creating these is going to help me in creating the exact style and layout as well as colours and textures that my room is going to take for the finish design.



I have decided what sounds I am going to use within my room and what objects are going to be creating the sounds within the room that I am going to be creating and four mood boards according the the room that I am going to be creating.

By next week I am hoping to have a wider understanding of what sounds would have to be within a late 1800’s war room within a bunker as well as possibly experimenting with a few props to go with the sounds.

As well as this I will have at least a few of my props completed for my room and the positioning of the props that I am going to be creating.