Within this session I have carried on with the creation of the Compass by tidying up on the edges and the positioning of the separate  parts as well as adding textures to the final product. The finished compass will be going within my room as a little charm on one of the tables that I will also create.

Carrying on with what I was working on last week i am going to to be completing the compass that i started to create the previous week, because I have already created all if the individual parts that are on the compass. However, my tri count is rather high which in the long front is going to cause such a problem seeing is it only a small object in such a large space.

So throughout this week i have changed the areas each individual part of the compass without making it look like it doesn’t resemble a compass at all I had to make sure that the tris that I took out were either hard to realize the difference or it doesn’t make any visual change what so ever. This will take done the number of tirs that I have which will help me in creating the room because of the increased amount of tries i’ll have for the rest of the room.