This week we are following on from what we did last week by creating additional props that are going to be included within the room I’m going to create, we have done more research on sounds and the development of a story within the audio logs.

We have also started on creating the blueprints for the rooms that we are going to design and we are the items that are going to be placed and in what position both a rough design also another architect designed.

As well this we are going to write up a short script that is no longer than 30 seconds long to be within each of our individual rooms and producing a fully recorded and edited audio log by the end of the week.


3D model: Book- 

This week we had to design a book that had to be placed within our rooms and that will be possibly used within our final piece within one if not all of the rooms, it was a little difficult to create the book, even though it seems simple to create a book it was rather difficult to create the dynamics of the book.

I could have just added a texture over the top of a box which would have been the simplest thing to do when creating the box because it would have been roughly 16 Tris just for the one book, this was really easy to  do. However, this was really simple and it didn’t have the over all look and feel of an original book would have, to make the book that looked more realistic I used an inset and an extured to give that part of the book that goes within the book where the  pages would be.

This did come with a problem, there was an awful lot of unneeded polies that appeared around the edges as well as making it rather hard to apply the texture to all of the area where the pages would be.


Creating objects that look like this are going to tell a story  about the time and what is going on around this era. Because everything shouldn’t look old from that era because they have just came out where as if it was modern day then they would, but this is not the case in the late 1900’s.

The way that I could tell the story through the visuals is by making sure that I texture originate from the same era as well as as making the surrounding area seem old by the props that I

Audio and recording scripts 

At the begging of the week we gathered within our groups to decide the rooms that we was going to be creating everything for and this helped us in creating an audio log based within the specific room that we have chosen to create.

Thinking of the idea of the audio had to be done individually because it had to be designated to the room the I was creating and not another one of my team members room because it had to relate to their room. We had to make sure that it only stayed within the same room as well – It cannot be an audio for the war room found in the med bay).

After the initial creating of the audio log we had to record the sounds as well as other additional noises; such as the clicking and the crackling that old recording equipment would have had in the past to give it a more authentic feel to the audio log.

While doing these recording and the editing there was a few problem that I encountered and this is what I did or will do to resolve these issues.

Audio related Problems

  • Scripts – There was many problem that were faced with the scripting these problems were things like the print outs not being on hand when they were needed to be recorded, some performances could have been better if they had better rehearsal

Solutions: Printing out the scripts before hand so there isn’t any wasted time time printing them out. Rehearsing the scripts beforehand so I can get more into character with the recording that I do in the future.

  • Time – Time was a problem because of the time that we had was divided by 4 to fit in all of the groups recordings.

Solutions: As well as the Scripting problem this also relates to the rehearsal of the script by rehearsing the script will make it easier to read and record making it take less time to do.

  • Technical – Some technical issue did occur as well the positioning of the microphone was a big issue because every individual has a different height as well as the equipment working when we wanted it to work (batteries, connection to other device or broken).

Solutions: A way that we could resolve this is by checking that the batteries are new and that its working before we start to record just to make sure that when we record nothing goes wrong. as well as this making sure that the levels of the recording aren’t too height so that it becomes distorted when recording.

  • Background noise – Some background noises apposed a problem with recording because they interfered with the initial recording of the audio logs, this was such things as mobile phones going off, stomach rumbling and rustling paper.

Solutions: To prevent any of this interfering with the recordings we could have something to eat before we start recording to make to chance of stomach growls nearly impossible to have when record and making sure that all devices are turned off.



Within the sessions with Stewart we went over types of medium that have a good story and what makes them a good story, we looked a different games, books, movies, music videos, etc. Throughout these lessons we looked up upon the different stories within a game, books, etc and how they tell it either well or not very well at all, one of the examples we came up with was the book ‘Iron Giant’ we discussed that the story of this book was rather good because it entails the journey of a iron robot who is seen as a mines who causes cuos and destruction in to their town. However, this is not the case he is rather friendly and he is only seeking a home.


After we discussed the different  stories and how well they tell the story we then was devised within our groups to find out ways that we could do the same sort of thing within our game. My group and I was looking at how far we should be set within the future of technology and how we can tell that through the act of the story and the surrounding area.