This week I have further development to concept of creating stories for my own game, and I have talked about – Within Stewart’s session – the different characters and how they are portrayed to the audience through the way that this look. We also had to come up with a character who we though was our favorite and talk about their traits and why they’re our favorites.

Within Jay’s sessions we have been working on another asset that will be possibly  placed within our rooms, we was working on building a chair that would go within our rooms possibly more than just once. As an addition to this I created an Morse code devices and half of its station.

Within Adams sessions we was working around creating the audio logs for our rooms, by recording other sounds that can give the authentic feeling to the audio loge itself as well as editing the original audio of our voices to make it sound older. As well as this we are re-dubbing over a video of a robot moving.

Within Cat’s lesson we were creating the asset boards for our room diorama that we are going to be creating next week, we had to create 5 different views of our rooms on paper and within Photoshop so we had a basic floor plan in which our room was going to look like when it is complete.


Weeks tasks


Stewart – Talk about game characters and their traits

Within the sessions with Stewart we talked about the different characters within different games and how they are and what are their traits within the game. we first touched upon Lara Croft from tomb raider, we looked at the different traits that we though that she had and portrayed within the game itself.

We agreed that she was a rather sexualised character to appeal to more of the male type of audience by making her look like the perfect woman, this has changed however throughout time because they have opened to a wide audience. They have done this by changing the size of her body and its build as well as dressing her in appropriate clothing.

We then talked about Spiderman how he too is adapted to look different, in this case super human – By having a muscle bound body – making him super strong and agile. Spiderman is portrayed as this nerd who is shy and doesn’t know how to defend himself as Peter Parker (with out reveling his identity) and whenever there is danger around he seems to change into a super athletic Human-spider who has unbound confidence, isn’t afraid to stick up for himself.

I picked out a character who I though was my favorite character this character is Jak for Jak and Daxter his personality changes throughout the different games that he is in. Within the first game he is presented as brave and curious who is willing to step into dangerous situations giving the need.

In the second game Jak takes a turn and breaks away from his “Mutism” that he has within the first game and he starts to become Angry and Reckless to his actions as he has been a subject to dark eco treatments, yet he still does maintain most of his heroic personality traits.

Within the third game he seems to have gained slight eco powers that balance out the dark eco within him, he takes a turn from being angry and becomes more mature this was aided by (Spoiler) the death of his father later on within  the game.

Jays – Within Jay’s sessions we was given a task to complete a chair that was going to go within our rooms, being the 1870’s means that most of the chairs had more of a complex shape to them – this is either with intricate designs or curves – making them harder to recreate within 3Ds max.

It started with just a normal square with normal parameters but this soon changed because of the  design of the chair was complex because of its back rest and arms had curves within them which made it harder to create as well as making the tris count go sky high.

2989142_l_sIt was rather simple to start creating the chair because it was just a simple square that had a chamfered square on top of it, however this was not the case when I got on to the chairs legs and the chairs back rest, it was rather difficult to recreate something that had so many curves within it.

New tools that helped me in recreating such a design like this was the line tool and the Lethe tool which really helped me in creating the design by accurately re-drawing the design of the chairs legs and back rest. (add image of using new tools here).

After this initial stage of completing the chairs legs and back rest it was all just a case of texturing it, making copies of one side of the chair and using it for the other side will really help when UVW mapping the object making my work easier as faster to complete.

This is the final design of the chair, fully textured and designed.

I found this a little difficult to create because of the little details that I had to include on the legs of the chair. Creating these curves I though was a bit of a challenge because trying to create the curves would have taken ages to recreate. The way that I solved this issue was using the tool line tool then the lathe tool to create a circular object that would become the chairs legs.


I was quite happy of my final result that I got after this because of they over all shape of the chair as well as the texturing of the chair, I think that the colours that I chose work really well and I’m overall happy with the result.


Throughout these sessions it was rather easy to create the chair in the end because of the new tools that I learnt helped me when creating the chair by reducing the amount of time that it would have taken to do if I hadn’t know about them in the first place.

There was some issues with creating this chair when I was working on the arm fixtures and working on the feet of the chair with all of the curves. Next time I will try to find a chair that has less intricate curves as this one has.

Adam – sound recording, audio editing, redub 

At the start of the week within Adams sessions was given the task to record sounds at were going to be used as an audio log within the bunker environment we was given a range of ‘instruments’ that we had to use to create sounds that we thought would apply to a bunker scenario. It was a little difficult and I did come across a few problems.

One of the problems was that making the sounds, sound as if they are from the late 19th entry was a little harder then I initially though. The way that I could solve this issue is to listen to some sounds that were from the 19th century and see now well I could recreate the sounds.

This took a short amount of time to be because of the experience that I already have with editing.

After editing the audio that was needed for my room, we as hen given the task to bring in object that we think that would go with this video of a robot walking in an 8 second loop and come up with a sequence within our team to make all of sounds come close to what we thin that the robot should be creating as it moves around.


Cat – drawings of rooms, photoshopping room layouts for next week 

Within Cat’s sessions we was given the tasks to draw up our mappings for our rooms being one overhead view and a view that would cover each wall of the room making sure that each and every view of the room was covered. This wasn’t too difficult to create because I already had a basic idea of what I wanted my room to look like, but it was good to place my ideas on paper so that I could see it visually.

After I Drew up my perspectives of my room I then used them as reference to create based off of these 5 different views of my room I used Photoshop to build a collaboration of textures that I think would best look within my room when I start to create it, this will help me when I’m going to create my room within the game engine.

As well as this doing all of these are going to help me with next week task in which I am going to create a 3D diorama of  my room and what I would like it to look like. There was however a few issues that I had to do with this and they were the textures and the placements of the objects within the room.