This week was a thither development of what was covered in the previous week, Within Adams lesson we continued to look at how sounds help implement the feeling of a game as well as the location. We did look thither into this by creating our very own atmosphere with a set theme that we had to create them with.

Within Jays sessions we was given a task in which we had to create a 3D model of our choice that had to be completed within the desired 2 hours we has to create this model and texture it. After we did this we had to examine another member of the classes work and asses what they did right and what they can improve on when they do this next.

Within Stuarts sessions we looked at the different types of media (Books, Film, Games) and how they use a synopsis to lure in readers/player to get their product and how we could create our very own synopsis based upon our game.

Within Cat’s session we had to bring in a box to create a 3D diorama of our given room within the bunker this was a full on practical lesson where we got in touch with the more creative side of things as well as this we had to make sure that all of the rooms within our teams joint together.

Weeks tasks

Stuart’s session – Within Stuart’s session we looked upon a story and its synopsis. At the start of the sessions we as given this task to figure out what the story, film or game is based from what is read out. Doing this helps us understand how important a synopsis is within these types of media and how we can write one for our own games, also we find out what is important within a game synopsis

Creating the synopsis of our story will help the player identify what the story is going to consist of, this gives them a brief idea of the story of the game that they are going to play, this is the same within movies and books. Giving this little synopsis will give the reader or the viewer a chance to see whether they are going to be reading, playing or even watching before they do so as whether they really want to buy this product.

At first we was given an individual task of creating a synopsis by ourselves to what we thought the synopsis should be for this game, after this we got back to our groups and proofread all of the members synopsis’ and piece together a whole one that consist of all of the best parts of everyone’s synopses’.

“1875, Napoleon has discovered an unimaginable power and seeks to rule the world. Obliterating all pieces of artwork, historical landmarks and even cultures that existed before the Egyptians. One day we will rise above and fight back, but for now, it’s not safe to check.”

This the final product of what we though could be our synopsis of our game.

Jay’s –

Within Jay’s sessions we was give a task of that we had to create an item of our choice within 2 hours but there was a few ground rules that we had to consider when creating this:

  • We had to make sure that it was something that was from that time period – so nothing too high tech
  • Nothing can look futuristic that wouldn’t have been around that time
  • make sure its able to complete and texture within the 2 hours that are given

I decided to create something that is going to help me when playing my audio that i have created for my room, this item was a gramophone it will be used to play my audio through when my room is complete.

I first decided to create the basic shapes of the Gramophone and then edit them thutherly as I progressed though the creation of the object, after the basic shapes were created I worked on the details and then on the UVW maps to lay on my textures on my object.

It was difficult to create at first because I didn’t know where I should start because of all of the twists and turns of the gramophone and its stand. But in the end it was rather similar to the original image that I got.


My Peer feedback was rather good I had a slight problem which was a slight over stretch of a texture, the other feed back was that it was a good amount of tris that were used to do create the object and that it was quite similar to the original image.

Adam –

Within Adam’s sessions we was given the task to create over very own ambiance that will portrait a different type of feeling within a certain environment. We was given a choice in which mood we had to give off and the location that we could choose from, the locations were; Castle, Forest, Spaceship and cave.

Each one of these rooms had a given emotion that we had to give off by using various sounds that were either given to use or recorded by ourselves to give off the sense of one of these four emotions; Mythical, Spooky, Natural and EPIC!

The combination that I got was spaceship and natural which was a bit of a challenge to create because I did make a few mistakes with the sounds because  some of my sounds sounded more of a wooded type sounds making to listeners less immersed with the location that I was trying to portray.

I thought that it was a little hard because I had to create a natural spaceship, which means that I had to create lots of beeps and rings that sound as if they are from the future and within a spaceship.

There was a few issues with creating the sound because it was hard to create the thudding of the metal as it cools down or heats up through space, the problem with this was that the sound that I added sounded like wood bowing under pressure instead of metal.

(Place audio file here)

Cat –

Within Cat’s sessions we have been working on creating a 3D diorama of our individual rooms. the reason why we are doing this is because we are going to be planing out our rooms and what we would like them to look like, by creating all the assets that we would like to complete and add to the 3D room.

My team and I firstly aligned all of our rooms according to what we wanted to lay them out like and we stuck a pencil through both boxes to make sure the rooms would perfectly line up with each room.

After we did this we drew them all out with the hole centered to the middle of our door scale to make sure that every door was the right size and it matched the other rooms doors too.

To create the assets was the hard bit because we had to cut up boxes the the correct sizes and make sure that they were as accurate to the original object as we possibly could. The way that I could have made this easier is if I printed off some images of and used them as reference to the items that I was creating.

Some issues that I came across was trying to make the objects in the room as accurate as I wanted them to be, as well as this was trying to make textures that looked realistic and accurate to what it would really look like if it was a real, for example: chair or book case.