This week I worked on using more of my 3D modeling skills in texturing and creating other props that were going to be within the room that I have created as well as this I worked on the diorama of my room a little more using other tools to create other props that are going to go within the room and as well the textures of the room too.


3D Work

With this session I worked on some props that are going to be used within my room, this time i was going to create a book shelf that is going to be holding a few of the books that have been saved from the divestiture had on Napoleon. I simply started with the simple shapes of a square that was hollowed out using the inset tool and the bevel tool to give the hollowed out square that will hold the shelves and the books.

After I sorted out all of the initial shape I created the shelves, I then created one book (the base book) in which I sorted out the the perimeters and the UVW map of the book as a reference that would be used to create the textures for the other books that will go on the shelves, only a different texture would have to be layered onto the book.


Creating the ambient sound


For Adams session we was given the task to create an audio track that gives off a mood and a location, and the other members of the class had to figure out what the mood was and what the location was as well.

I thought that it was a little hard because I had to create a natural spaceship, which means that I had to create lots of beeps and rings that sound as if they are from the future and within a spaceship.

Here is the audio track:

There was a few issues with creating the sound because it was hard to create the thudding of the metal as it cools down or heats up through space, the problem with this was that the sound that I added sounded like wood bowing under pressure instead of metal.