This week was thurtherly developed our designs within our individual rooms this includes the development and the creation of our rooms, the recreation of a valid and crisper recorded audio play back, Asset lists, creating concept art for the rooms and campaign advertisement.


What we did

Jays sessions: – Within jays sessions we was given the task of creating the environmental space for where the character is going to be walking around, which included its textures and the exact perpetrates of the room. The first thing in which I did was to gather within my group to discuss what type of materials were going to be on, the floor, ceiling and the walls so that there will be some similarity throughout the whole bunker.

We all decided to go with concrete flooring, old brick/ chiseled stone walls and congregated ceiling, which made it much easier to find the correct textures for the room that I am creating.

These are the textures that I found:


Adams sessions: – within Adams sessions we was discussing what builds that world within a gaming environment, we came up with several answers, some of which are: voice (Public address, audio logs), Location (Ambiance), Ambiance (Artillery, Frequency, Mix, Technology?), Music (Authenticity) and Authenticity(Music, Ambiance).

We created a asset list that showed all of the items that we would have within our rooms and what was going to make those sound. This was really good because it gave us the chance to identify what is within our rooms and what is going to be creating those sounds, weather it being a creek of a floorboard or a flicker of a light we had to identify how this sounds what given off and how we was going to create this sounds.

As well as this we was asked to recreate our audio logs that we created before, this could have been done either by creating a completely new audio log or by adding/improving on our old audio logs. I however decided to change the audio log in forms of texts but keep the same base line as the earlier form. I have changed the design and wording of my script to make it sound like its from that time era as well as the wording that I used.(Add image of script here).



The reason why I have chosen to change the audio log for a new one was because the first on that I did wasn’t very rehearsed or dubbed very well which would have taken out some of the authentication for the audio log being played.

There was a problem with the recording. the problem was that I was too loud and it was distorting the audio track and making it hard to understand what was being said. The way that I could resolve this is by either turning down the levels of the device or stepping a little thither away from the mic.


Cats sessions: – Within Cats session we was given the task of creating drawings of concept art that was of our rooms were going to look like from an obscure angle which meant we couldn’t have straight on drawings of our rooms (only is we couldn’t do other angels) because that would too easy. At first I found it difficult to start drawing anything because I was having a slight issue on the perspective because to me they didn’t look right or I couldn’t work out how it would turn out if I did it or not.

In the end I finally found an idea that fit and I went with it and by the end of the final lesson I managed to complete the concept drawing of my room and I am planning on doing a few more to get a wider variety of what my room is going to look like when it is completed.

The first image is in a time of panic, where some of the other residents of the bunker or a bandit from out side of the bunker has held the general up at gun point. I didn’t however complete this drawing because of the time scale that I had to complete this as well as the resources needed to completed I didn’t have.

The second image is off of a soldier that is running through a smoke filled room as a desperate dash to safety after checking that the other residents are out of the bunker and some supplies are taken too. This image reflects the panic and desperation of what the residents are going through at the time of this incident.

The final images isn’t an image of panic, it is an image of elegance that is off of a perspective drawing of one of the assets that are in the room, it tells a story on what quality that the objects are within that time of crisis.


Stuarts sessions: – Within Stuarts sessions we was given the task of creating advertisement for our game and in this case we had to create a Facebook advertisement banner that had to promote our game ‘The Age of Napoleon!’. It was a little tricky at first to gather ideas from our group to create different types of advertisement and assigning each team member to their individual types of advertisement.

I got the game cover or game poster advertisement that I have to work on within the following week, to get inspiration I looked at some games that had some relation to war so I looked at games like Call of duty, CSgo, Battlefield, etc to get some sort of heads up on what makes a good game poster advertisement and what works well.