This week we have just been doing a few bits to tidy up upon within our 3D rooms as well as creating and finding sounds for our room, creating concept arts and making more marketing posters for our game.


Jays session:

Within Jays session I used new tools to make my room really look like it has depth and features within it. I did this by adding a secular map to give some on the items that gave some of the floor a shine as a way to show dampness within the bunker, as well as this i gave it a normal map to give the textures more of a pop when light is shined upon the textures.

Adding the secular map within Unreal engine came as a task in itself, as well as linking them in I also had to make minor tweaks to  the texture within the engine because without doing this the textures looked way too shinny and the looked too much like liquid rather then popping out at the viewer.


Adams session:

Within Adams session we was given the task of recording our sounds and scripts that will be put within our bunkers, as well as this we was given the time to complete our asset lists and gather the sounds for the room itself. We haven’t edited the scrips yet as we are going to be doing that next week as well as putting them into the engine.

One major problem that I met was not having an authentic sounding recording in terms of acting and professionalism, the way that I could help stop this issue from happening again I could rehearse my script beforehand so I know how I should act and what my lines are going to be.

Another issue was the headphones not working. the way that I could resolve this issue for next time would to check that all of the equipment is working before it is put in use and before that we start recording.

Stuarts session:

Within Stuarts session I was set the task of creating a poster for the game that we are currently doing I have done one already and I am currently working on for either a game poster or another poster like the first image that I created.

Age of napoleon poster

I decided after this to create another poster that has a more sinister look to it giving the game a fear kind of factor going into the whole idea of the game rather than giving it a more calming arcade look like the first image that I created.


Kats session: Within Kats session we carried on with the concept drawings but this week instead of using perspectives and black scale we had to create a scenario within our bunkers that showed something dangerous happening, whether this being a fire, viral out break, a battle either finished or in progress, etc.

As well as this instead of having it all in grey, white or black scale we had to use a little colour to it to interpenetrate the feeling that there is indeed danger happening in the drawing.