This is the first week for my FMP throughout this week was was given tasks to find out what makes a game successful and how we can use these skills to help us make our game successful in the future, as well as this we was given the task to create a spider diagram showing what makes us as an individual.

The first thing that we had to do was to identify what was the over all trends that happened throughout gaming history.and to predict on what the overall trends would be within the future based of off the trends that are current and what we think they could be in the future.

We created a spider diagram that showed what what trends where in the past as well as modern times and we talked about why they are popular or why they was popular back in the day.

These are some of the things that we talked about and labeled as trends:

Sonic – Sonic was on of the first platform type game where you have to run as fast as you can to get to the end of a course that is filled with bad guys and obstacles that will do anything to stop you from succeeding.

Pokemon – Pokemon was the first open world game which elevated the

Adult games (GTA) – Grand theft auto was a game that had the interaction of adult humor as well as adult things within it this got people of the older ages interested in games more because of the explicit adult content and humor that we implemented within the GTA franchise.

Multiplayer – Multiplayer was a huge step within the gaming industry and it has become a huge trend within the gaming world by more and more games having multiplayer on them to give the players a better experience and a different experience while playing.

And trends that are around now consist of:

VR – VR or Virtual reality has become the very new trend that has sky rocketed as one of the biggest trends out there. this is because of the fact that you can fully immerse yourself within a game.

Micro transactions – Micro transactions have become a huge thing these days within games, especially with mobile games, many companies release games that aren’t all complete and you have to buy things for the game in order to carry on with the game or do other, for example; quests.

Multiplayer online – Multiplayer online was one of the biggest umps within the gaming history because it allowed a whole new experience to games by allowing to player to connect with lots of people from around the word and play a game with them through online.

Youtube – Youtube or Youtubing has become a really big thing for gaming industries because it has helped gaming industries become more popular by allowing other people to see what a game is going to be like through another player (youtuber) before they buy it. As well as this it gives the gaming industries a wider audience then they would have without having youtube.




Who am I?

I have created a spider diagram that shows what are my hobbies, what motivates me, what are my likes and dislikes, what are my hobbies, etc.