My chosen specialist areas are 3D modeling, voice acting and concept art. I have chosen these because I feel the most comfortable with these three, as well as this it is because I find that my best skills lay within these three main specialist areas, and I think that they are also my strong points within the game development course.

Individual reasons:

Voice acting – I have chosen voice acting because I like to act when ever I get the chance and I feel that I can get into character rather easily and I find it fun to experiment with different ways I can portray a single character.

3D modelling – I have have a few months of experience but i have found that I really enjoy doing 3D modelling and I believe that I am good at it and I also find it as rather enjoyable to do.

Concept art – Concept art is another one of my strong points because I have a passion for drawing aw well as 3D modeling, I tend to draw whenever I get the free time to draw and I also like experimenting with the various different styles of drawing that I can use.


3D modeling – To be a 3D modeling there is one main skill that you must and that is creativity, to be able to create ideas off the top of your hand and be able to create real items within an engine and making them look realistic as well. As well as this you have to be able to think 3D and be able to visualize what the object is supposed to look like within a 3D environment.

Interpersonal skills – One of the top interpersonal for 3D modeling is communication, and this is because they need to be able to listen to what their manager, client or the designer is asking of them. As well as asking for additional information if it is needed for the project, this also ties in with another interpersonal skill is listening, because a 3D modeler has to listen to what their client or their manager.

Problem solving is another interpersonal skill – that does as well tie into the two just mentioned – where you have to be adaptable around and problem that may occur within the production of the 3D models weather it being texturing or even the creation of the model itself.

Technical skills – Some of the technical skills that you have to have when you are a 3D modeler are being able to use programs such as 3DS max and Photoshop effectively in order to complete and create objects to the minor details that it needs.


Voice acting – To be a Voice actor you have to have a good sense of “putting yourself in someone else shoes” by putting yourself within the shoes of the character that you have to portray and you have to be able to invoke their emotions as if they were your own.

Interpersonal skills – You have to be able listen to what is required of you i.e. if the director wants you to be more deep with the emotions of the character or they want you to say it in a different way then they will tell you and you will have to listen to that.

Technical skills – A technical skill that is used within voice acting is to be able to use the recording equipment making sure that it is working correctly and making sure that your voice is clear and able to be heard.

Another interpersonal skill is that you will have to be able to read for extensive amounts of with being able to attain the same level of skill as you read.


Concept art – To become a Concept artist some of the  personal skills that you are acquired to have are: you must be able to draw well being able to create what the developer visualizes and you must have a very active imagination to create new and innovative ideas based off what the developers would like the game to look like.

Interpersonal skills – One key skills is for the concept artist is to listen to what the developers is needing from them as well as communication skills so they can ask for referrals to verify that the work is to the specifications to what the developers want.