Within this session we have discussed the Legal issues within the gaming industry and we discussed what Laws we would have to abide to when we are going to create our final major project or if we was working within a gaming industry and how we could prevent breaking these laws and what is going to break them.

The 8 different types of laws that you have to abide to when you are creating a game or working within the gaming industry. I will write about how these relate to what my final major project is about, how i will make sure that I don’t break them, what part of the laws that I will follow.


Copy right –The laws that I am going to have to abide to while I am creating my final major project are going to be different for each of the ideas that I have. For the first two ideas that have I for copyright it will not steal anyone else’s ideas that they have weather it being a 3D model or it being a fully finished project.

As well as this I have to make sure not to take any branding from any other company and call it my own if I add it on to an asset.

For the other two ideas I would pretty much look at the same thing but instead of not taking peoples 3D models it will be not taking anybodies ideas or concepts of drawings making sure that the concept art that I do does not take a lot to all the similarities as the original.


Intellectual property – Make sure that you do not copy any type of pattern, logo or symbol for any reason what so ever and make sure that any design that you create is original and isn’t copying anything from another company, game, film, ect.

When creating objects I will have to make sure that there isn’t any patterns or logos that are going to breach any of the copyright laws.


Contracts – For contracts I will have to make sure that I should read everything that is on it at least a few times before letting my serlisiter looks over the contract so they too can have a look at what is being asked of you and what your job consists of.

Do not just sign away blindly, because that is where there could be little if not huge things that you could miss out of: i.e. information about the amount of hours that you are going to be doing as well as what your job is going to consist on.


Commissions – With a commission you must not sign away blindly as the same for a contract and make sure that you do not breach any of the rules on the Commission.


Health and safety – For health and safety the things about health and safety are different for both of the different projects that I am doing, if it is for the 3D modeling career I will have to make sure to take regular breaks every hour to allow my eyes to rest and to stretch my legs and walk around a little, as well as making sure correct posture is give and hydration is kept up with.

Do not stare at a computer screen for an extensive amount of time, make sure that you take regular breaks.

Do not have any drinks near the computer at all times (unless it is within a seal-able container.

For the Concept art I will have to make sure that when I draw I have to also make sure that I have regular breaks to ensure that strain isn’t given to muscles. Make sure you are hydrated enough and you take regular breaks to rest your eyes, back and hands.


Risk assessment – Make sure that you do risk assessment of you working space making sure that there are no lose wires and that all wires are taped down so no one can trip on them.

Do not ignore anything that looks like it can be a problem as soon as you notice that something is wrong you should try and resolve the issues as soon as it arises making sure that no future incident can happen.


Regulations – Regulations should not be broken at any time because they can make players feel uncomfortable and breaching these will end up with you being sent to court and you will most likely lose your game and/or company.

Do not make a game that has a stereotypical background where it portrays people as some people think the act and what they like, an example of this is with the British if they was within my game I wouldn’t portray them as being this really posh looking guy/girl with a top hat an talks rather “upper” class.

Another example would be creating a game that have symbolizes that will cause offence to other people that view the game, this could be with creating gang signs what some people will find offensive.

Do not put in gore and things that would be for the age for 18+ when your game is labeled as a 7+ or a 12+, doing this would make it unsuitable for people of the age of 17 and below.

It would be the same for my concept art ideas, I will have to make sure that I do not draw anything that is offensive to some people and make sure that it is appropriate for people to look at.