Within this blog post I am going to write about what has inspired me to do the final major project ideas that I have chosen and I will label all of the things that have inspired me to create the things that I am planing on building.


What Inspired me?

Plane idea – The thing that inspired me to create the interior/ exterior of a plane is because I have always had a fascination on how planes works and how they fly through the air. As well as this I have always wanted to go flying ever since I was a little kid and the design and style of planes have always looked intriguing to me by the different variations in shape and how they have developed throughout time.

“Snakes on a plane” was another inspiration for the inside of the plane idea, having a plane that can inflict fear into the player was an idea I had as well as just having it as a normal plane.

Basement idea – The thing that inspired me to create a basement type environment was the basement from cabin in the woods this gave me the ideas of having some objects that are placed throughout the basement which have some relation to the time period and they will give off a creepy and eerie vibe to the surrounding area, inflicting the player with fear.

Concept art idea – The thing that has Inspired me to create concept art for my final major project was “Tell tail games” the way that they used a completely different art style for the work that the did, has inspired me to create art work that I think is going to be different from any other before.

As well as this the concept art that was used for the game “Starwars the force unleashed” was a big inspiration to the art style in which I am going to be reference to.


Who has Inspired me?

3D modeling idea – The person who has inspired me was ‘Nick Kaloterakis’ he is a senior 3D artist who has been creating astonishing peices of 3D work throughout the years and he has created campaigns for Sony, Qantas, Foxtel, New York Times, National Geographic, Australian TV networks, Saatchi & Saatchi, and the Discovery Channel.

They are important to me because they have a completely different type of style when it comes to creating 3D artwork, they seem to go for a very robotic based look and design with their work and they have tough me that there is other ways in which I too can create different arrange of ideas.

He has created a 3D model of the titanic that is being taken underwater as well as many cars, AI’s and animals that have been created into a robotic form.

Concept art idea – One of the developers that have inspired me to do the concept art idea was ‘Matt Omernick’ who was one of the concept artists who did the art for star wars the force unleashed, he as used a full sense of the amount of power that the main character (Starkiller) has and the way that he pays attention to detail to put forward that.

Another concept artist is ‘Lorin wood’

They are important be because they express their ideas In a very fluent direction by expressing the story of the idea through their work as well as the way that they draw it is very intricate and amazing the way that they create their art work. they have created concept art for all of the starwars force unleashed games.