Creative work review – This is important because it is going to be showing me what different companies have created and how they have created then in their own style that is different to one another and what is different within them. As well as this it is going to help me with the designs of the different planes and how they have evolved throughout the set time period that my final major project is based around.

I am hoping that I am going to learn while doing this is the different styles and planes that have been used for these games and how they have created it. I am going to find out this information from the internet as well as by purchasing the games myself and testing them out and being able to compare them myself.

This can be both primary and secondary research, this is because if I simply look at the internet without playing them for myself then this is secondary research, where as if I was to play the games myself and base it purely off of my experience then that would be primary research.


Servey – Creating a servey is very important when I am going to be looking at a specific time era and a time as well as a locations for which type of planes that I could create and what people think would best be for the design and make of plane/s.

I am hoping to learn what type of audience my game is going to attract and the type of content the players are going to want to see within my game and get their ideas on what should be included within the game.

To get this servey across I would either create a servey monkey or an online servey on a social media website: for example, facebook, Instagram. This would be primary research because I am conducting the servey myself and I am collecting the information myself.



Structures of planes – I am going to research the way that planes are made and how they are built, this will include the thickness of the planes metal. The plane idea that I have created is the b 17 bomber. I have found out that the bombers weren’t really designed for such a heavy war type area which is why their first mission was a victim to the loss of lots of crew and planes.

The B-17 was piloted by two crew members who were accompanied by one bombardier, one radio operator and 5 gunners within one B-17. The body of the aircraft was lined with up to 13 guns across the face of the aircraft, many of which were placed across the sides and back of the aircraft, to prevent any other plane from attacking them from behind them.

The wings of the air craft was fitted with two extremely powerful 1,200-horsepower Wright R-1820-97 engines that had to be rather big to be able to lift the aircraft up off of the floor.



Noise was a big issue when you was around the aircraft because of the size and design of the plane caused it a great deal of stress which created this amount of sound.


The reason why I chose the B-17 bomber is because The B-17 Flying Fortress has become, for many reasons, an icon of American power and a symbol of its Air Force.

I have looked at the different types of textures that would be used upon my air craft throughout different situations of either being attacked, throughout time or simply just having a different shade of paint on them.



I have created a prototype within 3Ds max of a model of a plane. I have decided that creating the whole plane in one, it would it be easier if I start creating different parts of the plane (Propellers, engines, wings, etc) this is so I can work upon the individual segments of a plane in great details and see what they look like with different types of textures and different styles that are going to be used.



The reason why I am doing this is for a dog fighting type of game that is going to involve a action styled air craft game where you have to fight the opposing team its going to include variations of different planes which the player can choose from. The plane models themselves are going to have separate stages where they will become withered and damaged throughout the game.