Focus group research

I have conducted focus group research with my peers discussing the three ideas that I have for my FMP and what I should do in order to make this able to be completed within the given time that I have.

I have chosen the plane exterior for my final major project, the reason why I have chosen this idea because it is one of the easiest of the ideas that I had out of the three that I had. As well as this within my focus group I got a lot of feed back on and my peers that is going to help me in making this idea possible, and they said it seems like the simplest out of the three that I could do.

Plane exterior – The texture map that will be for this would be too complex to to complete and hard to properly map and texture my 3D model.

With the windows I could add a blue or metallic tint to the windows so that it is impossible to see within the plane, which will take more time to create the interior as well as the exterior.

Instead of choosing a desired plane to look at and design straight away look at different variations and different models of planes, doing this is going to help me adapt my idea and use different designs of the planes shape.

To look at different metallic textures trying to experiment with the different styles and moods with the addition of textures, as well as this look at the metal that is used in the creation of the planes that I look at.

Conduct primary research by going up to London and go to the War museum to look at the planes designs and what they would have done within the war, as well as the textures and shapes of the planes. As well I could take pictures of the planes and/ or sketch them on my sketch pad as concept art for the project.


Relevant job roles

The job roles that are relevant to my FMP are 3D modeling because the initial idea is based on a 3D model and concept art, this is because of the sketches I will have to do as reference and ideas of my final design.


S- My strengths to do with this task are creating 3D models for the project, have had quite some experience with building 3D models and I think I can create this idea.

Drawing is another strength that is going to help me with creating the concept art for my FMP.





Create an action plan