The project is to help with my drawing capabilities and being able to use those skills to produce a professionally looking poster or a game case of a companies game in the future.
The platform is going to be console.
The type of game is a beat em up fight game
The purpose of the game is so I can show what I can do in the terms of 3D concept art and concept art in general, to be able to express myself through my drawings as well as being able to increase my drawing capabilities. As well as this purpose of the game is to create a game that can give individuality by having characters of different personalities and hopefully that many people can relate to the characters that best suits them.

Game idea

A supreme order that controls that scours the universe travel throughout time and space to gather the strongest and most feared warriors throughout the universe, to have them arm in arms to arms combat for their own enjoyment. You can either play as one of the various inmates that have already been captured or create your very own character, to fight through the stages, become the best their ever was or take back what was yours and free everyone else.

It is a beat em up styled game where you can either go through fist fights, weapon fights (spears, staffs, bows, swords, etc).



You are a one of the finest warriors throughout the universe who have been brought captive by the over watchers (Zirus) that have took you from your home planet and brought you to this brutal battle field where you must fight for your life in order to survive.

You can either take the side of the capital or take revenge on what they have done to you and so many before you.




Artaxias: Artaxias is slightly based off of the character form street fighter Ryu by not carrying a weapon and only using his hands and feet as his weapons, as well as this they have similar fighting styles but they are different in the delivery and appearance.

Gabreala: Gabreala is a magical based character who uses the elements of her surroundings as well as her inner power to conger up devastating magical spells that will make easy work of her foes.



A huge inspiration for this idea was Bruce Lee because of his knowledge of martial arts and the way that he could fluently move and make any move seem imperfect and so easy to do. Another person who has inspired me to do this idea was ‘Marco Nelor’ who was the concept artist for Mortal combat, his art style and colours are very well and contrasting and I just generally like the who design and style that he does.

Another person who has inspired me to do this idea is Adi granov who was the concept artist for the characters of marvel, his work is exstradanry and it has really inspired me to create work like his.

A game that Has Inspired me is Mortal Kombat and is series because it is a martial arts based game where you have to go into combat with other characters to win, which is a lot like martial arts torments but instead of winning a medal you get the satisfaction of killing the other character.




Methods of collecting research

Survey –I am going to create a survey that is going ask people what they would like within the game – Character ideas, implement move ideas, etc –  and what would be a good style and theme to the story. I hope to learn by creating this what my audience is going to like the game to be focused around, whether they are going to play  my game and what they would like the game to include as well as the genera of the game as well.

This is very important because it is going to help me with the design of the game finding out what my audience is going to be and what they would like to see with the game.

To gather this information I could either create an online survey by using survey monkey or by printing out a survey and gathering the information by hand.


I have found out that more people would play Street Fighter (6/10) then play Mortal Kombat (4/10) some of the reasons being:

Mortal combat has more gore

Street fighter is easier to play then Mortal kombat


Comparing existing games – I am going to look at a few different fighting games to get an incite of what the movement is going to be like within the game as well as art styles and was that they use detail.

I’m hoping to find out what other fighting games have in common and what they have that is different and how I can use this to create a mind map of what parts of the games are good and what makes them good and what makes them bad so I can make the perfect fighting game.

Differences and similarities

Mortal combat

  • Mortal kombat has a wider range of what the players and the character can use (i.e. the character has different mediums of weapons, guns and swords). Where as street fighter doesn’t have the amount of diversity of weapons.
  • Mortal Kombat has the use of the background which allows the player to make a game changer by using the background as well
  • Mortal Kombat is more special effects based where the characters can use things like teleportation and fire balls
  • Mortal kombat only has backwards and forward that the player can go and not around the player like they can do on street fighter.

Street fighter

  • Street fighter also uses the background to its advantage by implementing things like metal poles and garbage cans, daggers, etc.
  • Street fighter is a more game that is focused on using combos rather then using special moves like fire balls and lightening attacks.
  •  Street fighter has the capability of being able to have free range of the environment where you can go, up, down and around the opponent.


Talking to famous martial artists form different styles and research styles too

Talking to famous or regular martial artist from various different styles could help me in understanding what each style can offer within techniques, moves, power and skills so I can determine what moves are going to best suit each individual character.

I hope to learn the different moves and techniques that are used within the different kinds of martial arts and how the differ from the others (What makes them unique and special) This is important because its going to give me an incite of what the different types of fighting styles are and how I can implement them within my game.


I have found out that each of these martial arts they all take on a different approach to what they do and they way that they do it, for example: within  Judo it is more about directing the opponent off a stray making them confused and less likely to get injured. This would be helpful in learning what a submission based character that uses arm breaking and throw type moves.

Teakwondo is a mixture of redirecting the attacker and use power within swift motions to injury they enemy. This is going to be useful because it shows me how to get the most power out of using some of these kicks and how the body will move and deal with the amount of force within the hits, this will help with more of a punching and kicking type character.

Kendo is a sword based martial arts used with skill, speed and precision that takes a lot of time to perfect. This is going to be important with helping me find out what movement are used within sword movements, for a sword or staff wielding characters.


Talk to game designers and concept artists of inspirational games

Talking to game designers and concept artists is going to be a lot of help because I can ask them what type of things inspired them to make certain characters (Costumes, moves and initially their art style).

I hope to learn what type of inspiration and drawing styles that the concept artist use and what they think I should do with my own ideas. This is important because I would be getting first party information in how to create successful concept art.


Record moves done as reference

I am going to record a series of moves that are in different martial arts as well as in different styles of fighting, for example: using nunchucks, cane (staff), spear, sword, etc.

This is going to be help with finding out what the motions of each character is going to have to go under in order to do the moves and how I would be able to draw some of the moves or program them within the game. I hope to learn what ways the body moves to do some of the movements needed to be a successful fighter.