Concept art

For my concept idea I have found out what is needed in order for me to create concept art to a professional standard and the different techniques that can be used for creating concept art as well as the tools needed to create it.

One of the more difficult drawing styles out of the lot is realism, drawing with realism is a difficult process indeed, it takes a lot of time to perfect and a lot of detail to complete a single piece if I was to choose this style for my final major project. Although this deos seem like a good idea it is sometimes extremely difficult to do Realism drawing this is because:

  • It is really hard if not impossible for our brains to pick up each individual frame of everyday life
  • It is impossible to draw reality – reality is always moving and it will take a lot of snapshots to create a scene.


I could adapt other pieces of artwork that has been done by someone else and change it to a drawing of my own by changing details, shapes and drawing styles that the original was draw with.


Photo realism 


Another approach to this would be photo Realism which is the same as the Realism drawing but in the sense that you would take a photograph of the item before creating the piece of art, rather that just drawing it as it is through your eye from the direct source.

This method would be much more efficient that the other one because you don’t have to rely on the weather needed to draw the image when you can simply take a picture of what you want to draw.



I can simply just draw from imagination, which is what most game artists would have to do, this is because most if not all of the things within their games isn’t in the real world and has to be created through the power of imagination.

Although this would be the hardest out of the three i think it is going to mostly benefit me because the challenge that it holds as well as helping within my creativity and inspiration.


Lots of social mediums use concept art for their work, things ranging from film to games, TV series to comics. The two most popular types of concept art styles that are going around now are science fiction and Fantasy, so to corporate this within my own work I could try and add lighting flashes and special FX that will make it more science fiction or fantasy.


The items that I am going to need in order to complete this task is: a sketch pad, drawing tool (Pencil, Pen, Chalk, etc), A computer that can run the following program (Photoshop or GIMP), Drawing pad.


3D modeling

There are many different types of ways that I could approach the creation of my 3D model/s I could come up with an idea and create all of the assets from my own imagination and making it up as I go, I could create objects that are based off of other objects but I have adapted them to my own style and mood.

Or I could take the whole idea of what someone has created and make it identical to the original and just reference the original creator when I have completed it.



The items that I am going to need in order to complete this task is: a sketch pad, drawing tool (Pencil, Pen, Chalk, etc), A computer that can run the following program (Photoshop or GIMP) as well as 3Ds max/ Blizzard.–cms-21630




What have I researched? How this helps?

My project is based around the time of the second world war, as well as just a little further ahead of the time period of 1938-1945 which is when WWII finished.

Around this time I have researched the initial size of the B-17 bombers, the different variations of the the same type of the plane but different models that have different over all shapes and I have found out that the biggest out of the three is B- 17f out of the three that were designed to fight in WWII.